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    A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the File menu inside of Steam and then select "Check for Steam Client Updates...". The specific changes include:

    Steam Client
    • Fixed high CPU usage on some machines caused by WebKit windows running their frame loop at a fast rate even when not visible
    • Fixed high CPU usage on moving a Steam window where more redrawing was occurring than was needed
    • Added the ability to enable or disable DirectWrite based font-rendering in the settings dialog
    • Fixed store page not being shown correctly on trying to accept an invite to a game you don't own
    • Fixed some highlight styles in friends chats when selecting text
    • Fixed some unneeded .mdmp file creation when launching mods
    • Added back 16x16 icon support for mods, and now supporting new 32x32 icon. Mod authors should add a 32x32 icon with the same name as the 16x16 but with _big added to the end of the filename.
    • Fixed potential memory corruption crash for some first time users installing from a retail install disc
    • Fixed a crash on exit when requests for app icon data were still in-flight
    • Fixed pause/resume button sizing in non-english languages on downloads page
    • Improved hit testing on frame buttons (minimize, maximize, close)
    • Improved hit testing in text entry controls
    • Fixed the in-game browser hanging on
    • Fixed custom cursors showing as no cursor in the in-game browser (custom cursors are still not supported, but the arrow cursor will now be shown at least)
    • Improved error handling in the in-game browser so instead of testshell-error: you'll get a more useful error page shown in the browser window
    • Additional strings and fixes for non-english languages
    • Fix reconnect attempts while Friends/VAC is offline causing stuttering in the client and potentially in Steamworks games
    • Fix for a very small memory leak on moving windows
    • Fix bold text in the unknown url warning dialog in chats sometimes not appearingThrottle attempts to update clouded steam config settings to avoid excess attempts when the Cloud servers restart

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