Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Steam Subscriber Agreement and Privacy Agreement from being displayed when creating a new account

  • In addition, this update includes all changes from the previous release this morning:

    • Fixed some cases that may have been the cause of non-Steam game shortcuts disappearing
    • Change Steam to not require a restart when going from offline mode to online mode at login time
    • Fixed cases where the client could become stuck in Offline Mode
    • Fixed a bug that prevented login after encountering a network error
    • Library now always shows free games if you own any of its DLC
    • Fixed crash on startup if you ran two steam:// commands quickly
    • Fixed a potential crash shutting down Steam or halting content downloads
    • Improved Steam Client responsiveness when performing network uploads
    • Fixed a bug which caused Workshop and Steam Cloud file uploads to fail
    • Fixed a crash when downloading or updating games
    • Fixed a crash when quitting some multiplayer games
    • Changed Steamworks API calls to fail fatally if Steam.exe has crashed so that the game will fail in a user visible manner (vs some games appearing to run but failing to save progress to Steam Cloud and users later discovering all progress was lost)
    • Fixed loading sound caches for Zombie Panic Source Mod

  • Big Picture
    • Work around a regression caused by recent versions of GeForce Experience which prevented the guide button from working on X360 controllers
    • Fixed a bug where a X360 controller assigned a player index > 0 by XInput may not be used properly on Windows
    • Decreased texture memory usage and increased performance in some scenarios where parts of the UI are transformed offscreen
    • More aggressive caching of custom font data leading to improved rendering perf in some transitions in/out of text heavy UI on Windows
    • Added new multi-user login and create account UIs
    • Added shutdown UI
    • Added Go Offline / Go Online to the Quit UI
    • Added network connectivity error UI during login
    • Changed Web Browser behavior when using a keyboard/mouse to not allow over scroll and to behave more like a normal browser in terms of scrolling, gamepad behavior is unchanged
    • Fixed a Web Browser bug where links that open in a new tab/popup could initially load very slowly
    • Fixed a bug in the Web Browser where scrolling via any input method would cause the underlying browser implementation to believe the mouse cursor had centered on the screen and would then cause spurious hover/tooltip display in some pages
    • Fixed an issue that could cause overlay notification messages to stop appearing randomly after some period of gameplay time
    • Fixed styles regression with main menu buttons jumping to the right on transitions back from deeper UI
    • Fixed styles regressions transitioning in and out of “New for you” display
    • Fixed styles issue making prices get truncated in the store view at times when a featured game had a long title/description
    • Big Picture store can show Linux support icons

  • Linux/Mac OS X
    • On OS X 10.9 point to the new Preference location for the Accessibility interface
    • Fixed particle system fuzziness in Big Picture on Linux and OSX to match Windows
    • Updated Steam Client to use the latest version of SDL2
    • Fixed a memory leak during voice communication on Linux
    • Fixed a crash in the Big Picture web browser on Linux
    • Improved Big Picture OpenGL rendering, added support for more complex gradient types, fixed inset shadow renderering and fixed jittering of some effects due to float to int rounding
    • Fixed overlay crash on non-Steam app shutdown on Linux
    • Fixed Steam crash on Linux systems with no USB support
    • Fixed Linux display of game shortcut names for games with non-ASCII letters in the name
    • Fixed some Big Picture crashes playing YouTube video on Linux
    • Improve Steam client support for XFS and large drives on Linux
    • Fixed web browsing while in offline mode to load the proper offline mode page