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Steam Dll Test Harness

Discussion in 'Source Codes & Snippets' started by oldfart, February 3, 2010.

  1. oldfart

    oldfart Member

    Hi all,

    I have just turned my C++ Wrapper for the Steam.Dll into a standalone project in both source and executable form.

    The source/project uses (Microsloth) VS6 and C++ but it should be readily ported to more recent versions of VS.

    There have been some "SteamClient.dll" interface additions supplied by Uncle D from the rev-crew and greatly appreciated.

    I have released this project basically because of the help freely offered to me by these communities and I believe if we can "iron out" a few more of the problems then we'll be able to keep a closer eye on the changes that Steam/Valve introduces into it's games and environment.

    You can download the source and exe from :-
    Welcome to VNetCafe

    It's a slow link 500kb so "be nice" ;)

    Oh btw - I'll give a brief picture of what the buttons do ..



    This part of the post is aimed at Uncle D from rev-crew, who helped me so much the other night (Aussie time).

    Firstly - the "SteamClient.dll" code snippets you gave me had partial success, below is a list of results:-

    1. Counter Strike Source: - worked perfectly :D

    2. Left4Dead2 - failed

    3. Left4Dead - failed - similar message

    4. Day Of Defeat Source: - failed

    5. DoD 1.3: - fail, app just dies without any message
    6. Counter Strike: - fail, app just dies without any message

    If you download the source/project you should also obtain a log file of most things that show in the transaction list box.

  2. oldfart

    oldfart Member

    Oops - Downloads should work now! :rolleyes:
  3. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

  4. Binary

    Binary Member

    Make sure he gets the message.
  5. oldfart

    oldfart Member

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the concern - but it is an empty account!


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