Steam Updating Problems


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Hello Everyone, Contrary to what you might think, I am actually going to suggest methods to try and get steam updating properly on your PC. Two weeks ago I was also having the '28% problem' as I dubbed it. I found out several steps that could help you:

1. If you have a router, use it. I was using a direct PPPoE connection from PC to modem, and it never worked. The second I used my router, what did I get? 100%
2. Close any other programs downloading (yes, that includes MSN or AIM). I think Steam likes to restart the update if it looses packets, or if packets don't come.
3. I would like to know if it is possible to 'package a clean version of updated Steam. If there is positive feedback from this community on this, I will try and get a nice clean, updated version of Steam onto the web, in the hopes that Steam will not require you to update.

Hope this helps!
Strange , i'm getting the same on my new XP x64 install as well.

28% loop, I thought it is a bug with x64 version of steam.

I own a legit Orange Box , purchased few days back & I can't play it cause Steam fails to update. Runs in loop.

I have ADSL Router.
When you do a clean install of Steam it updates 0-28% to create certain files, the 29-100% is creating the Steam.dll and/or SteamUI.dll file(s). I'm not 100% sure but you could try copying the files from another computer or somene who has them working could send them to you.