Steamcafe Fox Stealer

Discussion in 'Public Garbage Bin' started by {FS}p3ng3l, March 29, 2008.

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  1. {FS}p3ng3l

    {FS}p3ng3l New Member

    Steamcafe Fox Passstealer. Works like a charm. still good undetected.
  2. D2A2N

    D2A2N New Member

    I might sound like a right douche here. But may I ask what it does please?
  3. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    wait so what is this again? im kinda confused...
  4. coolcast

    coolcast Donator

    App sounds Confusing lol, My stupid guess is that it steals ftp servers lol :D
  5. {FS}p3ng3l

    {FS}p3ng3l New Member

    lol no, create your own ftp server (freewebspace) fill in the accountinformation for the ftp server and click built.
    now you've got a server.exe. If you send someone this applikation and he runs it, every stored password of his firefox browser will be send to your ftp server ;)
  6. BlinkY

    BlinkY Pork is not a Verb

    sweet p3ng3l, can you do this for IE etc
  7. D2A2N

    D2A2N New Member

    Why don't I get that menu for my one?
  8. 786Fighter

    786Fighter Full Member

    Did anyone try this program yet? I did and there was an .exe file, after I opened it, it disappeared from my desktop. I think I just got my passwords stolen. p3ng3l, did you upload the wrong things by mistake? If so can you tell me what just happened?
  9. hmm

    hmm New Member

    i tried the program..but it disappered...and my i open for a few seconds the cmd.exe file...then happend nothing...i think its a keylogger or something like tha...
  10. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    Nice work, and yes, the whole point is that it's a password stealer.
  11. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    you haven't downloaded it have you :p the screen shot he shows isn't the app... you run some .exe and some wierd window appears and then it disappears and a background process starts running and thats it... you never see what the process is doing or anything
  12. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    Cool beans, and why would I download it? I have a FF password exporter.

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