Sword of the Stars 2 Updated

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    Critical fixes:
    - Fixed CTD when loa system destroyed
    - Fixed endturn CTD caused by locust scout
    - fixed gardener waypoint CTD
    - Fixed rare mission CTD
    - Fixed suulka repair CTD
    - Fixed CTD entering battlemanager
    - Fixed CTD entering research screen

    Other fixes:
    - Fixed NPG moving in autoresolve combats
    - Fixed not being able to scrap stations
    - Fixed being able to edit accelerator fleets and scrap the NPG
    - Fixed loa fleets not including production cost bonuses when forming ships
    - Fixed loa construct station ui not presenting composition selector when manually placing station
    - Supernovas will now follow max number of GM's rules
    - Fixed issue where Deploy NPG fleets could get stuck in space
    - Fixed bug causing loa to secretly pay corruption expenses

    Critical fixes:
    - Fixed SotSverse map
    - Fixed crash related to station memory augmentation modules
    - Fixed crash related to large Loa habitation module

    Other fixes:
    - Fixed Loa Music not playing
    - Fixed issue with Burst Torpedo range
    - Adjusted Loa gate limits
    - Fixed Loa Neutrino Wave cannon
    - Fixed missing Loa boarding icons
    - Fixed fleet composer not appearing when creating fleet
    - Fixed some issues with Loa deceleration/boosting
    - Fixed modules not being visible
    - Fixed freighter message appearing for newly built colonizers
    - Fixed issues where drones would create anomalous cubes
    - Fixed some speech issues
    - Fixed some missing text strings

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