Sword of the Stars: The Pit - Mind Games Update Released

The Pit: MindGames v.1.1.4

- Lightning Spear now takes wear and tear damage.
- Player character no longer responds to NPC Psi attacks not directed at them.
- Herbert can no longer be killed during tutorial. Now the most dangerous man alive.
- Fixed Ally ammo issue.
- Various tweaks and fixes to Psi abilities.
- Exo-Armor must now be equipped before it can be used as a tool in certain tasks.
- Various UI fixes and tweaks made.
- A couple of untriggerable achievements now work as intended.
- Cryoid now has proper "cold" effect.
- Gloves now take corrosive damage. Will properly flash when they've taken too much damage.
- Bio-mods can no longer be stashed (due to their randomized effects per game).
- Armor damage no longer binary - lower end armors now more durable and higher end armors now less invulnerable.
- Disintegration Bay now deactivates after being boobytrapped.
- Duplication success odds tweaked.
- Added Message of the Day