Team Fortress 2 Update Released

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Security and stability improvements
  • Fixed a client crash related to previewing market items
  • Fixed Strange cosmetic items not counting buildings_destroyed for buildings destroyed by a sapper
  • Fixed looping particle effects being orphaned when players are killed or force-respawned
  • Fixed Taunt: Shooter's Stakeout using one of the Engineer's voice lines
  • Updated Smissmas Swirls, Amethyst Winds, and Golden Gusts Unusual effects
    • Fixed visibility issues in bright environments
    • Reduced delay before the swirls start in order to accommodate short taunts
  • Updated Sparkling Spruce, Glittering Juniper, and Prismatic Pine Unusual effects
    • Raised the default height of the effect in order to prevent clipping issues
  • Updated the Sparkling Lights Unusual effect
    • Fixed visibility issues in bright environments
  • Updated Condescending Embrace Unusual effect
    • Fixed the effect not moving when taunting