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Hi, I've been here a while and some of you know me and some don't. I just opened a website not too long ago and got it running good so far.

The website is about softwares, games, movies, music, and more. We are adding new things to it everyday and the website is been up for only a week so far. We would like to be affiliates with you guys. If you need anymore information then please ask.
We are actually hosting them, but no affiliation will be made until some site potential can be seen.
To get plenty of traffic, I suggest you apply for submissions on katz.

That's what we used to do before but now it's over.
Hehe it's more than katz now, you gotta compete so fiercely on the internet, thank Google for this. ^^
I like the new look, still hate the SMF forums :p

Thanks, yea I like the new look too. About SMF, I don't wana buy IPB or vBulettin yet till we get really big and get more money. I don't know if I should get a nulled version because I'm scared incase I get caught or something.
I have a license for IPB (25$ lol)
and 3 licenses for vB
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