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    [color= yellow;]Universal Game Launcher Problems? - Read the Mini FAQ below - or download the documentation[/color]</span>

    [color= yellow;]Description[/color]

    UGL is a content launcher used for managing and launching media files (games/video/audio) off your computer.

    UGL can also launch all steam content off-line (or on-line via cracked servers) by utilising hCUPa's SteamEmu

    [color= yellow;]Scroll down for download at the bottom of this post.[/color]

    [color= yellow;]Did you Know?[/color]

    UGL Option packs have so far been used to do the following things:

    [color= orange;]
    • Create UGL Skins

      Create customised game showcases

      Fix menus in steam games to a localized version (when steam only displays english)

      Fix in-game text in steam games to a localized version (when steam only displays english)

      Add new language voices into games (when steam only supports english)

      Add additional features to steam games (e.g. add csBots to the original counter-strike or adding RCBot 2 bots to HL2:DM)

    [color= yellow;]UGL Feature List[/color]

    • [color= cyan;]Launch [/color][color= yellow;]ALL[/color][color= cyan;] Valve Steam Games[/color]

      [color= cyan;]Launch [/color][color= yellow;]ALL[/color][color= cyan;] 3rd Party Steam Games[/color]

      [color= cyan;]Launch [/color][color= yellow;]ALL[/color][color= cyan;] Half-Life 1 Mods[/color]

      [color= cyan;]Launch [/color][color= yellow;]ALL[/color][color= cyan;] Steam Source Mods[/color]

      [color= cyan;]Launch [/color][color= yellow;]ALL[/color][color= cyan;] Steam Tools[/color]

      [color= cyan;]Launch [/color][color= yellow;]ALL[/color][color= cyan;] Steam Media[/color]

      [color= cyan;]Launch Any Game off your hard drive[/color]

      [color= cyan;]Launch Any Media off your hard drive[/color]

      [color= cyan;]Built in ability to update extracted steam game content (on launch) if GCF file is updated[/color] (thanks hCUPa)

      [color= cyan;]Built in ability to create standalone versions of steam content[/color]

      [color= cyan;]Built in automated game key registration[/color] (games like XPand Rally / GTI Racing can be automatically registered on first play)

      [color= cyan;]Built in UGL Option Pack support[/color] to automate customisation of game content (i.e. sounds/models/maps/voice files etc)

      [color= cyan;]Built in Steam Multi Language Support[/color] (even better than steam with additional option packs!)

      [color= cyan;]Built in Steam Optional GCF Support[/color] (i.e. Hi-Definition Pack for HL1)

      [color= cyan;]Built in Server Browser[/color] for playing on cracked servers

      [color= cyan;]Built in GUI Customiser [/color]

      [color= cyan;]Built in Skin Capabilities [/color]

      [color= cyan;]Built in extendable UGL GUI Language Support [/color](currently supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Russian)

      [color= cyan;]Open source project with sourcecode included[/color]

      [color= cyan;]Uses Steam.dll for all steam tasks [/color](Extraction/Launch/Verification/blob parsing etc)

      [color= cyan;]Only requires an updated ClientRegistry.blob to enable future steam content[/color]

    [color= yellow;]Change Lists[/color]

    • [color= orange;]Contributors to the UGL project so far are:

      • Mitsukarina



      Thanks to the following for support and technical help:

      • SASIO

        hCUPa (for permitting use and continued support of SteamEmu in UGL)

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.1.06 Change List[/color]

    This is a development and release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color]

    • [color= orange;]Added UGL showcases - See updated documentation for details and look at the new screenshot at the bottom of this post[/color]

      A showcase is a HTML information page for any UGL content(i.e. Steam/Game/App/Audio/Video) You can share these (like Skin and Game packs as a UGL Option Pack (see the documentation)

      Translators - sorry 2 more lines have been added to the Language files:

      <table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1" width="90%">

      <td class="code">UGLContextMenuItem7=Showcase

      Message47=A new UGL Showcase Pack has been detected for:</td>

      An example UGL Showcase pack is available for download at the bottom of this post and is for Half-Life 2 (a simple web dump off the official sites overview page). Download it and place it in your UGLPack folder. To install it simply select Half-Life 2 in the list, you will then be asked if you want to install the pack. After installing - right click on Half-Life 2 and select "Showcase"

      Read the documentation for information on how to create a Showcase pack and naming conventions etc.

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.1.05 Change List[/color]

    This is a development and bugfix release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color]

    • [color= orange;]Fixed Customisation form to use Enums for all values[/color] so MultiLanguage no longer breaks it! See updated documentation

      Fixed the "cursor pixel snap" when moving forms

      [color= orange;]Altered the Font Size box to a dropdown[/color] to avoid null value issues

      [color= orange;]Re-arranged the Customisation form[/color] to display better with different Languages.

      [color= orange;]Added a new skinning feature - Border Padding graphics[/color] that expand with the form resize instead of the main border graphics, thanks to SASIO for the suggestion - see documentation as there are a few options available for this.

      [color= orange;]Languages up to date in this version are: English (Me), German (Cynric), French (Ralou) and Russian (pyc.naHca).[/color]

    This version will overwrite any changes you have made to the chrome and none skins - this is necessary due to the switch to Enums.

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.1.03 Change List[/color]

    This is a development release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color]

    • [color= orange;]Added Custom Form Skinning

      Added Enhanced GUI Customiser

      Added Extensive Documentation (also available as a seperate download below)

      Added Server Favorites Editing

      Added Server Browser ability to update server list from URL

      Fixed numerous problems with the Server Browser

      Added Steam Icon Cache Refreshing from the Tools Menu[/color]

    [color= orange;]You really need to read the included documentation for this release which details all UGL settings (including advanced settings not available in the GUI), and sections on Skinning, Customising and UGL Packs amongst other things.[/color]

    Translators, the file new.txt in the Language folder details all new text strings that need translating in the relevant language file. Please send me updated files as and when you can. Only the English file is up to date in this version.

    Please, please read the documentation - all the answers are in there.

    I have updated the pictures on this page to show the new "Chrome" Skin.

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.07 Change List[/color]

    This is a quick bugfix release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color]

    This release fixes problems with The Ship tutorial and Sin Episodes Emergence not running correctly after the recent updates

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.06 Change List[/color]

    This is a quick bugfix release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color]

    This version contains the latest blob file and icons as of 16/Sep/2006

    This is an experimental release based on a *lot* of work done recently by hCUPa to fix the SourceSDK Compiler bugs when running maps - Please test and give feedback!

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.05 Change List[/color]

    This is a quick bugfix release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color] to fix the problem of beetles mod (and possibly others) not working in the source dedicated server, this is a recompile with fixes to SteamEmu implimented by hCUPa (he's on a roll the last few days [​IMG] )

    If you only want to download the new steam.dll (which is all that has changed and is confirmed to work by just replacing the steam.dll in the UGL folder) then you can get it here http://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39279

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.04 Change List[/color]

    This is a quick bugfix release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color] to fix the problem of Half-Life 1 based games resetting their config files every launch (in UGL 1.0 - 1.03), this is a recompile with fixes to SteamEmu implimented by hCUPa

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.03 Change List[/color]

    This is a quick bugfix release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color] to fix the problem of multilanguage support with the latest SteamEmu from hCUPa, this is a recompile with some fixes implimented by hCUPa - you only really need to download this if you play in languages other than English

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.02 Change List[/color]

    This is a bugfix release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color]

    [color= yellow;]Bugs Fixed[/color]
    • [color= orange;]Fixed the desktop shortcuts[/color] they should work correctly for everyone now

      [color= orange;]Added the ability to update extracted game content (when launching a steam game) if the GCF has been updated since the last launch[/color] This is a new SteamEmu function (Thanks hCUPa)

      [color= orange;]Fixed UGL initialisation[/color] UGL is no longer distributed with a UGL.INI and STEAMEMU.INI - It will create these on the first run (if they do not already exist) and default your SteamApps to the Steam Client SteamApps folder (if it is installed) This means that your old INI's will be safe from upgrading to newer versions of UGL

      If there is no steam client installed, then you will still have to manually change the UGL options. Remember, you may also want to change the Steam Username

      [color= orange;]Added Russian translation [/color]for UGL (thanks amfius)

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.01 Change List[/color]

    This is a quick bugfix release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color] to fix the problem of tab icons not working with UGL in languages other than English

    [color= yellow;]Version 1.0 Change List[/color]

    This is a development and bugfix release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color]

    It's time to come out of Beta [​IMG]

    [color= yellow;]Bugs Fixed[/color]
    • Fixed a problem with UGL showing SteamApp entries when showing hidden content

      Fixed a problem with the context menu being active when an item was not selected

    [color= yellow;]Developments[/color]

    • [color= orange;]Changed context menu to only show options relevant to the selected content type[/color]

      [color= orange;]UGL now ghosts the icons of steam content that is available but not installed[/color]

      [color= orange;]Added the ability for UGL to extract Steam Media from GCFs if the media is not already extracted[/color]

      [color= orange;]Added the ability to change the UGL tab icons[/color] Look in the UGL\Icons\ folder for an idea on how to do this [​IMG]

      [color= orange;]Added the ability to create desktop shortcuts for all content types[/color]

      [color= orange;]Added the ability to create a Standalone version of any steam content[/color]

      • This will create a fully extracted standalone version of the selected steam content and create an icon in the extracted folder to launch the standalone version. After the extraction (which can take a long time!) UGL will also ask you if you want to include any UGL Option Packs in your Standalone version and extract them as required as well as allowing you to create a desktop icon.

    [color= yellow;]Beta5 Change List[/color]

    This is a development and bugfix release from [color= orange;]Mitsukarina[/color]

    Big thanks to SASIO and hCUPa for additional support [​IMG]

    [color= yellow;]Bugs Fixed[/color]
    • Fixed a problem launching Heavy Weapon Deluxe on some machines

      Fixed problems with UGL crashing when certain HL2 mods were installed (e.g. Ballacks)

    [color= yellow;]Developments[/color]

    • [color= orange;]Added a splash screen[/color] [​IMG]

      [color= orange;]Added a simple tray icon[/color]

      [color= orange;]Added context menus to the UGL screen[/color]

      [color= orange;]Added tab tooltips[/color] - helps when UGL displays tabs with icons only (no text) [​IMG]

      [color= orange;]Added higher quality Icon handling[/color] - looks a lot nicer now

      [color= orange;]Added the ability to hide/show any steam content[/color]

      [color= orange;]Added a new steam hidden tab[/color] to allow you to show content you had previously hidden (this can be enabled/disabled in options) Note: this will only show content *you have* that is hidden. You need to untick the "Hide Steam content that is not downloaded" option to see all the content ever released via steam

      [color= orange;]Added the ability to uninstall a game.[/color] This will remove the game folder to the recycle bin (UGL *never* deletes anything) If it is content that does not have a cache file to re-install from then a warning will be shown before the action is completed. Note: If a cache file exists for a game then it will still appear in the game list as UGL knows it can run it, you can right click and choose hide to remove the content from the game list as well.

      [color= orange;]Added UGL Option Packs [/color](experimental)

      • These are user packs that have been configured to extend and enhance the content of steam games. For example steam does not provide full spanish dialogue and voice for Blue Shift even though the non-steam version has it! You can create an option pack that will allow UGL to install the additional content whenever Blueshift is installed, you can also pass this option pack on to friends. Essentially it will be unpacked after the main game files, so it is possible to now customise a lot of in game content easily (voices/dialogues/models/maps etc) and distribute it.

    [color= yellow;]Beta4.2 Change List[/color]

    This is a consolidation release from [color= orange;]Ralou[/color]

    • Added SteamEmu 3.61

      Added Icons for PopCap games

      Added Italian and Spanish languages update

      Added a new tab for PopCap games

    [color= yellow;]Beta4.1 Change List[/color]

    This is a bugfix release from [color= orange;]Ralou[/color]

    The changes are :

    • Fixed BlueShift Multilanguage

      Fixed the shape of the tabs

      Fixed the gradient and made its width customizable

      Fixed Icons customisation for Steam games

      Fixed main window min height

      Fixed settings beeing lost when changing language

      Added a bit more room around labels for localized strings to fit

      Made CustomControlTab.vb not dependant on UGL (it's a reusable control)

      Includes latest clientregistry.blob

      Includes Language Files for French ([color= orange;]Ralou[/color]), German ([color= orange;]Cynric[/color]) and Italian ([color= orange;]GeniusAction[/color]) Thanks and keep them translations coming [​IMG]

    [color= yellow;]Beta4 Change List[/color]

    • [color= orange;]Bugfixes[/color]

      • Fixed FormOpacity exception crash

        Fixed Tab switching losing current view style

        Fixed Filesystem_steam.dll error when running source mods from a path containing spaces

        Fixed steam multilanguage support to behave better ([color= orange;]Ralou[/color])

      [color= orange;]Enhancements[/color]

      [color= brown;]A few new options to check out[/color]

      • Changed UGL menu bar to a toolbar to allow for smaller window size (see image below)

        Added ability to use graphic only tabs to allow for smaller window size (see image below)

        Added ability to enter custom Arguments and Icons for Steam Content

        Added the ability to disable gradient painting on tabs

        Added support for game keys into UGL.INI - see the two examples in the INI file to figure out how it works

        Added automated launching of hard coded path games (shadowgrounds and ironwarriors) Note - just incase something goes wrong backup your steam.dll and clientregistry.blob files in your steam folder first.

        Removed deprecated ini settings from UGL.ini

        Added MultiLanguage support for UGL GUI - add a new file in the UGL\Language folder with the necessary changes - see the English.ini file for example. Don't use spaces in the ini filename! If you translate to another language please post in this thread and I will include it in the next update

    [color= yellow;]Mini FAQ[/color]

    • [color= yellow;]For problems starting and running UGL [/color]

      UGL needs .NET 2.0 framework to run - make sure you have it installed

      If things get messed up (sometimes after switching the UGL GUI Language) then you can try restarting UGL. You can also try re-selecting the SteamApps folder to correct problems with missing games

      [color= yellow;]For any errors when running steam content through UGL [/color]

      Make sure there are no old files in either the UGL folder, the steam folder or the individual game folders. These can be left over from older launchers and manual installations. UGL acts exactly like steam and expects none of this to be present, in fact, it is worth having UGL extract your game content again as in most cases it will extract less than older launchers (only what the steam client extracts) - don't forget to backup your save games first

      [color= yellow;]Sometimes when I launch a game, there is a pause and a lot of hard drive activity before it starts [/color]

      This could happen for a number of reasons, but in all instances should still result in the game running fine.

      The game may be updating itself if a GCF file the game uses was updated since its last extraction.

      You launched a game from a desktop shortcut and it wasn't already extracted by UGL (i.e. You may not - in some circumstances, see the UGL extraction popup when launching from a shortcut)

      [color= yellow;]Sometimes when I start a game, I can hear the sound for an intro video but can only see the desktop [/color]

      Hit escape (to skip the video) and all will be well.

      [color= yellow;]Some of my desktop shortcuts show the UGL Icon (even if the correct Icon for the game is shown in UGL itself) [/color]

      This is because the Icon is a TGA file that windows does not understand. UGL will always try to find a compatible Icon before using its own. You could always assign a custom Icon in the games properties for UGL to use

      [color= yellow;]If I create an option pack that (for example) fixes the missing multi-language support in some steam games, what will happen when I run my steam client again? [/color]

      If UGL is set to use the same user name as your steam client, then the UGL option pack will effectively *fix* Steam aswell otherwise, if UGL is set to use a different user name then nothing will have changed in your steam client.

      [color= yellow;]I have lots of steam games, but they're not in UGL! \ I just see an 'All' tab with nothing in it! [/color]

      You need to tell UGL where to look for steam content. Go into the UGL options screen and make sure you select your SteamApps folder, you will need to restart UGL. All the games will now be available.

      [color= yellow;]I uninstalled a steam game but it's still in the UGL game list! [/color]

      The game in question uses a game cache file that is still available on your machine. UGL therefore knows that it can run this content and displays it. You can either delete the cache file from your machine if you no longer require it, or choose to hide the game from the UGL menu (right click on the game and select hide) You can always show the game again by looking in the Steam Hidden tab and right clicking the game and chosing Show. The Steam Hidden tab can be enabled in options

      [color= yellow;]I uninstalled a steam game with no cache file by mistake! [/color]

      Lucky for you that UGL only sends stuff to the recycle bin. Go into your recycle bin, find the folder in question, right click on it and chose restore.

      [color= yellow;]I used to be able to download more languages/icons for UGL. Why are they are no longer available for download? [/color]

      The latest releases of UGL contain all current Icons/language Files and Clientregistry.blob. If there is only the UGL launcher for download then it is already up to date with all the latest content. Anything released after an update of UGL will be available as a seperate download again in this post.

      [color= yellow;]Steam has updated and I can't see the new Steam content in UGL[/color]

      Copy an updated clientregistry.blob file into your UGL folder. That's it!

      [color= yellow;]Steam has updated and I have the latest clientregistry.blob but the new Steam content icons are all the default UGL one![/color]

      If you want the correct Icon to show for the new content, then select refresh steam icon cache from the UGL mainbar. This will only create steam icons that do not already exist, so if you have custom versions of steam icons these will be preserved.

      [color= yellow;]I like a skin that I downloaded, but don’t like the color scheme/default settings. Can I change them? [/color]

      Absolutely! UGL Allows you to change any of the skins settings from the UGL customiser apart from the graphics used (which must be edited externally) If you mess things up, then you can easily default it back to the original color scheme.

      [color= yellow;]There is a newer version of the Steam Emulator by hCUPa [/color]

      Copy the newer steam.dll into your UGL Folder and it should work fine. If there are new features that need specific configuration, then I'm sure that somebody will be updating UGL to take advantage of them

      [color= yellow;]Some of my content is not showing in the correct tabs [/color]

      This can happen if you have saved content under one language file and then switch the GUI to another language - you can fix the affected items by editing and saving again.

      [color= yellow;]Some of the labels and/or prompts in UGL show “Not Set” [/color]

      This is because you are using a Language file that has not been fully defined. As a default all new versions of UGL are shipped with an up to date version of the English language file (with changes from the previous version located in the new.txt file in the UGL\Language folder). All other languages are updated as and when people translate the new English language file. Eventually a consolidation release of UGL will be announced that contains all the up to date language files, but as this takes time, UGL is only released primarily with the completed English file.

      [color= yellow;]I can't get the source code working [/color]

      You need both the UGL release and UGL source code versions, and must extract all of the UGL release files into the Bin\Debug folder in order for UGL to compile correctly. You may also need to copy in ancillary 3rd party dlls into the Bin\Release folder in order to get UGL to Build correctly.

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    The game was released far after the latest version of UGL. [​IMG]
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    On another note, CS:S will not work for me through UGL - keeps complaining of entry point FindNumServers not found in steam.dll - do I need a cracked or older steam.dll?


    Steam is on a different drive to where it was (and CS:S) first installed. Could it be something to do with that?
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