Using GCFs/NCFs? Find out how!


So, you are here looking for a GCF (Game Cache File) or a NCF (No Cache File)? Look no further! In this guide, I will explain how to successfully download and install your GCF/NCF along with the emulator "Ministeam" by Datrix.

Finding the archives:
  1. Download and install Steam
  2. Goto where you installed steam, go into the steamapps folder and place the GCFs/NCFs that you downloaded inside this folder.
  3. Place the GCFs in username/steamapps
  4. Download Ministeam
  5. Start Ministeam and choose your steam directory (Example: C:/Program Files/Steam". Pick any username you wish and click okay!
You should now see a list of games that you have in the steamapps folder. Double click the game in the list to run it.

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