VAC2 Update - Feb. 25th 2008

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[VAC2] 02.25.08 Client Side VAC/VAC2 Module Update

The VAC2 module has updated. CampStaff was online during this update and did notice this Steam-wide update. I can confirm that there is a recent change to VAC2's md5 hash. Credit: Suxx, Patrick, ORGANNER, BrollySSJ


What this means for you.

1. Valve Anti-Cheat's (VAC2) module has possibly been updated to include the most recent cheats
2. If this is the case, it is suggested that you stop using detected cheats released before the client module updated.
3. If you have used cheats, after this module update, their is a possibility your account will be permanently engine (HL1 / HL2) banned for cheating infraction.
4. If you do become banned, please report which cheat you had used. This helps validate which cheats are, and are not getting people banned.
Stop making pointless bumps. VAC2 is Valve's anticheat, you can't "Get it", it's build into games.
Im sorry,I was confused, I was talking abount the vac2 bypass, but i did not know if you were talking about vac2 only or the vac2 bypass, because i read i can get the vac2 bypass in (but not in this post), but i canґt find it and i thought you could know it, so, do you know where can get it? thnx (im sorry)
There are no vac2 bypass.
Even if there are, they don't work and they will only get you banned, and will NOT let you play on all server nor downlaod all games.
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