value steam cracked severs

One of the most regularly updated, most reliable and easiest to use solutions is Setti serverlist. Players can easily find servers from the list and also add new servers for the list. All servers are checked every 10 minutes if they are currently running and whether they accept connections from cracked clients.

Serverlist includes servers for CS:S, CS1.6, CZ, DoD, DoD:S, DM among lots of other rare game types.

1. Finding servers

1.1 Setti serverlist
Setti serverlist is updated regularly and automatically. Serverlist has all the known servers on the dark side of the Steam. For some rare game types (GMOD, Sven Coop, Natural Selection, DM, ...) there are very few or not at all servers.

Setti serverlist - All gametypes

Setti serverlist - Counter-Strike: Source
Setti serverlist - Counter-Strike 1.6
Setti serverlist - Day of Defeat: Source
Setti serverlist - Day of Defeat
Setti serverlist - Condition Zero

Setti serverlist - Other game types

1.2 Setti MasterServer
Setti MasterServer is an in-game server browser for HL and HL2 based games (CS:S, CS1.6, DoD, ...). This patch will list all servers in "Find servers -> Internet" tab. This is very useful patch because no updates are needed, ever. Whenever new servers are added to Setti serverlist they will show in in-game server browser too.

Most popular CS:S releases already include Setti MasterServer in their releases. Thousands of users use it unknowingly. However, if servers do not appear in the Internet tab then the patch can be re-installed.

Setti MasterServer

1.3 Setti favorites list
Setti favorites list is a list for "Find servers -> Favorites" tab. This will list all servers in Favorites list. Favorites file must be downloaded when you want to refresh server list.

Setti favorites list

Install for extracted (standalone) CS:S: Overwrite <css-dir>\platform\config\ServerBrowser.vdf with the link above.
Install for Steam: Overwrite <steam-dir>\config\ServerBrowser.vdf with the link above.
General instruction for any game (DoD, DoD:S, ...): Overwrite ServerBrowser.vdf with the link above.

2. Adding new servers to serverlist

2.1 Setti serverlist
New servers can be added by any user. There is a field at the bottom of the Setti mainpage which adds new servers to the serverlist. All servers are tested to be working before adding to the actual list. This way all the servers which are on the serverlist will work.

Add new servers to Setti serverlist

3. Comprehensive statistics for the servers

3.1 Global server stats
Global stats include statistics for CS:S, CS1.6 and combined other servers. Statistics show amount of servers and amount of players for last day and last year. Servers located on a world map can be also seen. People can look for servers which are close to them on the world map.

Serverlist global stats
Servers on a world map
Custom map installations on CS:S servers

3.2 Individual server stats
Every server in the serverlist is queried every 10 minutes. Graphs about player amounts, mapcycle and rank in Setti serverlist are generated.

Individual stats for each server (example)

4. For developers

Please, contact if you plan to use these "tools". There are already programs which unnecessarily get files from Setti website because the developers do not know what they are doing.

If you are author of program which does either of the following:

Fetch MasterServers.vdf from Same program also fetches all.txt.
Fetching MasterServers.vdf is completely unnecessary because the file does not change. If Setti server changes IP only then it is necessary for MasterServers.vdf to update.

Check unnecessarily whether servers are cracked with "dummy clients".
Servers which are obtained through Setti serverlist have been already checked. No further checking is necessary. These "dummy clients" disturb game servers. Setti server checker does the checking with more kindness for game servers.

Telling about your program which uses "services" would be also nice.

4.1 Serverlist in text format
List of all servers can be obtained in text format. Servers are easy to parse from plain text file for use in other programs. Notice that all servers which are listed on this list are alread checked to be on the dark side of the Steam and do not need to be checked again. All servers in the list are also up and running.


4.2 Serverlist in vdf (Favorites) format
List of all servers compatible with "Favorites" format is also available. This vdf format is probably compatible with several other game types too (CS:S, CS1.6, DoD, DoD:S, HL2:DM, ...).


4.3 Patching serverbrowser.dll and MasterServers.vdf to use Setti MasterServer
ServerBrowser.dll must be patched so that it does not connect to Steam servers. This is done by removing IP addresses inside the DLL file. Also MasterServers.vdf must be edited with proper IP addresses.

Instructions how to patch ServerBrowser.dll and MasterServers.vdf can be found in this thread.

Patch serverbrowser to use Setti MasterServer

In addition to editing MasterServers.vdf there must not be duplicate IP for both hl1 and hl2 as instructed in that thread. Same IP:port cannot be used for both hl1 and hl2. Though, only hl2 can be used for CS:S and hl1 is redundant.:D