War Z Updated

The War Z has been updated as of March 21st. Updates include:

New Features
• Added Call For Help.
• To use this feature press the ESC key and then click MISSIONS. On the missions menu you will need distress message and some type of reward. Once they have been set click on the "Call" button.
• After a distress call has been placed it will show up on the map. You can put your mouse cursor over the distress call icon to get the details of the distress call.
• You can place a distress call once every hour.
• Distress calls will stay on the map for 10 minutes.
• Added a Personal Lock Box.
• You can obtain the Personal Lock Box via the market place, trading with other players, or found very rarely in the game world.
• Personal Lock Boxes will live for ever. Please note that we do not guarantee that they will remain this way. We need to push the feature to the live servers and evaluate the affects this duration will have. If it negatively impacts gameplay or performance we will give it an expiration timer.
• The Personal Lock Box has 30 slots and is one time use; it will remain on the server that it was placed on.
• To use the Personal Lock Box put it in one of your items quick slots and then press that key to put the Personal Lock Box in your characters hands. Use mouse 1 to then place the lock box. Once the lock box has been placed you can use it with E. When you first use the Personal Lock Box you will create a 4 digit key code that will lock the box. When you use it again it will ask you for that code. Please be warned, there is no way to recover Personal Lock Box passwords. Remember your passwords!
• Added a Nail Gun and Nail Gun ammo. This weapon is a rare weapon.

• Further optimization to the server browser. This should speed up the load times when looking for servers while in the server browser.

• Updated sound library's - This will improve compatibility with some sound cards.
• We removed all of the random ambient sounds that were in the game.

• Spread improved on the following weapons
• M249
• G36
• The spread on 1911 has been adjusted to be more in-line with all of the other hand guns.
• Lowered the attack speed on all melee weapons.

• Lowered animation speed on all melee weapons to coincide with the reduced attack speed.

Bug fixes
• Fixed a bug with the loading bar that would load to 100% then drop back down to 75%.
• Fixed bug with female characters were playing male hurt sounds when they fall
• Fixed some issues with sounds on Sniper Rifles and Shotguns.
• Fixed a bug with items hovering in the air after a player has been killed.
• Fixed a bug with Walker Stalker not working at all. Now, the detection radius is applied to your character while walking. This skill does not function while sprinting.
• Fixed a bug that would not display an icon for the Brass Knuckles while in your Global Inventory.
• Fixed a bug that displayed an XP icon for unlocking characters instead of the Game Dollars icon.
• Fixed a bug with the VSS that would attract zombies at the same distance as a Blaser. It will now have a much smaller aggro radius when fired.