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Anyone here think that it is a need and not just a want? I have two fans right now that came with the computer. Is anyone's computer water-cooled?
water cooling is good for over clocking if u do get it and install it yourself as it is easy to fuck up and you could ruin your pc get a shop to do it!
I'd don't know of anyone that has or needs water cooling. I suppose if you do a ton of multitasking, but really I cant think of anything that would overheat your pc that fans couldnt cover.
Water cooling is good if you are majorly over clocking it keeps your pc alot cooler than fans
Water Cooling is a great cooling mechanism, but it can cause major flaws. If you're water cooling breaks, it has a good chance of destroying the inside of the computer because water conducts electricity.

Either way I think Water Cooling is neither great nor a necessity. Use fans, they are old school.
skip you can get a warranty or insure it or something so if it does break you can get a new comp
Water cooling wtf hell no, im steering clear of that wayyyy to much risk.

EDit: Even with insurance and warrenties etc, going 1 day without my computer and i get withdrawel systoms. lol =)
its actually really usefull for overclocking i have one in my mini computer i made out of a shoebox. It runs great i got my p4 2.0 ghz to 2.6ghz stable anything over that tho is pushin it.
P4rD0nM3 i dont really know my friend said that her comp broke and it is insured and that she gets another one for free
I guess if it was under the warranty cuz I also exchanged my small form factor for a big one since it was acting up on me and I bought it only a couple of days.
Vasuki, that is a warranty. You don't get insurance on your computer. The warranty provides full replacement if the computer fails by an accidental cause. I think that water cooling is neither a necessity nor a good thing.
you should get a store to install it so it is covered under warranty if it does leak you will be able to get a new pc
Depending where you live (the ambient air temp), a high end air cooling system can work the same as water cooling. It is cheaper, and it does not have any hastles.

Water cooling; worry if it is going to leak all the time, have to replace the water/coolent periodically.

Phase cooling is where it's at if you are an OCer.

Lol or benchmark liquid nitro.
You dont NEED to change the water/coolent saw pics of one that didnt get changed after a year it was greed instead of blue lol

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