What's the best PCI GFX Card?


Ok i cant afford a new mobo right now so im thinking about buying a pci gfx card :)

im wondering which one will give me decent (50 and not less) fps in css

feel free to help me out :p
hahah i dont need 500 fps im asking for a pci that will give me 100 and etc fps on my pentium 4 3.06 mgz ?

edit: lets put it this way lol, i need an optimal gfx card :p
SHIT! just got a used mobo from my friend and it has a pci-e slot! defiantly better than just a pci slot so maybe ill look for nvidia lol.
also got some ethernet adapter and a nice sound card :D

WTF nvidia drivers dont crash at all maby its u, i had an ATI RADEON X800 it sucked it couldent run css on the deafult settings above 40 fps

now im running an geforce 8800 Gts and i never go under 60 fps and its on the highest settings

i would sugest an geforce 8 series :D