[WINDOWS] Understanding Group Policy Replication

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    Understanding Group Policy Replication Derek Melber photo * Published: Jul 10, 2008 * Updated: Jul 10, 2008 * Section: Articles & Tutorials :: Common for all OSes * Author: Derek Melber * Printable Version * Adjust font size: + - * Rating: 3.4/5 - 5 Votes * 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 Group Policy replication is controlled by two different replication mechanisms: FRS and Active Directory replication. We will take a look at both mthods within this article. As Group Policy becomes more important for managing desktops and servers in Active Directory, it makes sense that the details around Group Policy need to be understood more completely. There are many moving parts to Group Policy, including client side extensions, ADM/ADMX files, GPC, GPT, and much more. When a change occurs to a Group Policy object (GPO), that change only occurs on one domain controller. Thus, the change to the GPO must be replicated to all of the other domain controllers. This replication affects multiple replication mechanisms and can cause odd effects if not completed properly. This article will discuss the replication of Group Policy and what you can do to verify that all replication has occurred.


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