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Hey, I got bored one day, and I just decided to make something quick and easy.

World of Warcraft Private Server ~~ Easy Setup

Another TUTORIAL by the Full Steam Powered Crew

Playing on a World of Warcraft server is easy,
and it can be near automatic if you try hard

First, you need to have a good internet, or you
need a trial disk or the real game (of course,
if you had the real game, you should support
Blizzard by paying to play on official servers;
it really is worth it!). Secondly, you need a
partly good computer to run World of Warcraft.

Note: The trial disk or real game must be a
version lower or equal to the private server
you want to play on or you have to get another

Alright, let's get down to business.

Required Materials or Software
World of Warcraft ~ Required

The Burning Crusade (Expansion pack) ~ Optional
(it depends on whether you want to play on a
World of Warcraft server or a Burning Crusade

Private Server (List) ~ Optional

Realm List Editor by BattleDead ~ Optional

Experience with "Notepad" or "Wordpad" ~ Required

Tutorial ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Version 1.00

1.) Install World of Warcraft to a selected
destination, or download it. if you don't have
it already. Default is C:\Program Files\World
of Warcraft.

2.) Install Burning Crusade (Optional).

3.) Visit (Optional, unless
you do not know of a private server that you
want to play on.).

4.) Use the Realm List Editor provided by BattleDead
and enter all the required information by clicking
on the "Add Server" button, and entering information
into the fields.

5.) Once you are done with that, click on the server
you just added (by selecting from the box).

6.) Click on "Create".

7.) Copy the newly created "" file to your
World of Warcraft installation and, voila! You will
be able to play on a private server!

Things to remember

-You must ALWAYS register to a server before
you play on it.

-Your client version must be equivalent to
the server version.

-Enjoy playing World of Warcraft!

Post bugs (If any) here.


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Private servers... well suck ass.. they are nothing compared to the real wow servers... in my eyes the whole point of the game is to raid... and u cant raid on private servers there is never enough people and if there were it would never work out..
I agree with vasuki, i remember when i was hosting runescape ps. they sucked
and was stupid, so, but wow, i dont want to pay 2 play, ill try this out
Listen... All World of Warcraft servers are nothing compared to official Blizzard servers. Sometimes they even have 100 player server caps. If you want to try out a game, try this. If you have played a game and like it, you should buy it.
hmm i dont like private server same ass css cracked offline shit whit cracked server lagg no pll no fun :(