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Discussion in 'Money Making!' started by marcround, August 9, 2007.

  1. marcround

    marcround New Member

    Firstly we have Storm Of Cash, which has pay per click, read and signup and pays out at $0.1!!!!! (Pay Pal)

    Storm Of Cash

    secondly we have AdBux, it only has pay per click, and pays out at $10
    (Pay Pal)


    And thirdly we have Bux.to which is pretty much the same as AdBux except you seem to get more ads on there


    I found another one which is PTC and you get payout after each $5 through Pay Pal :D


    I've found yet another site which is like Storm Bux which seems to pay out to Pay Pal and have a $5 payout


    And lastly we have The Survey Pro which has to be the most annoying website ever, you have to register on about 25 different survey sites and fill in the welcome emails from each one into a giant form, btw register on The Survey Pro to get a little extra on top :D

  2. koely

    koely Full Member

    Meh, do you have a automatic proxy changer ?
  3. marcround

    marcround New Member

    nope, you plan on joining and refering your self or something? :D lol
  4. nightreaper999

    nightreaper999 Bringing Sexy Back!!

    dont listen to him. he is known to rape little kids :)
  5. marcround

    marcround New Member

    lol i am a kid, you saying i rape my self? :D
  6. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    That and other little kids :p
  7. nightreaper999

    nightreaper999 Bringing Sexy Back!!

    <3 noob. but not in cs
  8. Thebear

    Thebear Full Member


    BAN HIM BAAAAN HIIIIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. marcround

    marcround New Member

    lol #care, nothing wrong with referals as it doesn't affect the way you earn money, only differance is it earns me a little more

    and no-one actually stated any rules for posting referal links in this forum so until they do im thinking your comment if void so shush
  10. Thebear

    Thebear Full Member

    I know, Im only joking, When i posted my adbux refferals i got them removed....Bell ends
  11. marcround

    marcround New Member

    my point remains valid to anyone else who wishes to post that though, anyway stop spamming this thread :D
  12. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    Which is the best payout and the easiest to do
  13. marcround

    marcround New Member

    well the ones related to stormofcash are the best rly but in the last 10 mins ive earned more than any of the others on paidtoclicknmore and that has a $5 payout i think, so that may be the place to start

    but if i were you i would do them all to get more :D
  14. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    lol remove the referral links, I see them in the bottom left corner...
  15. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    :( Fake Site so I removed it :(
  16. marcround

    marcround New Member

    lol i think ill keep them :p and ok
  17. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    Meh, WWIII will remove them when he checks this place.

    P.S. I didn't click on your referral links... PWNED !!! :D:D:D

    The site I posted and the get rich clicking ads site are fake, look in their terms page...

    # Payouts
    This is not a site that pays cash all earnings is for advertising purposes. We are not a scam as this is an ad only site. Requesting payout is violation of terms and can lead to termination and is at minimum a donation to the site.
  18. marcround

    marcround New Member

    well WWIII has left in referals links from a post from 3 weeks ago so good luck with that


    ps. you suck :D
  19. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    Maybe he didn't check this yet... anyways the getrichclickingads.com doesn't pay out so you can remove that, it states in their terms that they will not payout.
  20. abc

    abc Full Member

    listen to n00b he suprisly knows whats hes talking about
  21. n00b

    n00b Full Member

    I do???


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