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Okay, I know a lot of people on here play Steam games, and now they have a shit ton more to offer. I'm a member of a private game hacking forum, and I don't often relay things from there anywhere else, but this is a semi-public release, so here you go.

Note: These logins have every Steam game unlocked and are updated pretty regularly.

You need to have .NET 2.0 installed, as well as VB6 runtimes.

Download -->
Code: link remove because im retarded

(Cracked Steam Cafe)

First thing you need to do is edit your registry.

Start > Run > regedit
Expand VALVE
Click on STEAM
Right click right panel, New > DWORD Value
Name the value "CybercafeSSA", no quotes.
Right click CybercafeSSA and modify
Change the value data to 1 and hit OK.

Now, install the program you downloaded above. Part of it's in German, doesn't matter. Once it's installed, run the Cracked Steam Cafe .exe. It'll open up the Steam login shell and another program with a list of logins. Close the Steam login screen and select one of the logins, doesn't matter which one. The master password is "Eddy K". Just enter that into the text box labeled master password, then double-click on any of the logins.

Voila, you're logged in. All the games are unlocked and fully downloadable. As far as I can tell, the CSC file just grabs some random logins from a central server and gives them to you. I haven't yet been booted from someone logging onto the same one I'm on, but I've heard that this may happen.

Have fun! :D
For those who don't know much about this, leave it to a expert to check out the content, no need to rush. I don't want any members here end up having a screwed up computer in the end.
No need to worry

This is not a trojan dw, I have the settings on atm and logged in as one of the account so do not worry! :]
Damn i accidently deleted the file and the link is dead.
I will upload screenshots soon.

:EDIT: link isn't dead i just lagged
I recommend a Freesteam Staff member close this. If i remember correctly, this thing was similar to the freesteam cafe app. Except this didn't work the last time i tried it (after the new cafe fixes) so unless a staff member has confirmed it works, my message is, it Doesn't.
lol, jeesss these guys must think we complete retards and dumb as fuck lolololl, when will they relise you guys made this shit happen ages ago and it dnt work now. so people like this release viruses and trojans etc
Actually, the registry trick is true, it works. It's nice also, because you can hit accept np w/o reading or clicking anything else :)
Read the sticky topic check my sig too.

As for the download above it is the old one and the second I starting downloading it Kaspersky IS7 picked up on a known phishing trojan.

If it has a trojan i dont understand why, I did give it to my friend to test it before i released it here. Maybe he put one in :l
Anyway for fucksake, the client dont work, is never going to work and is not worth the hassle of dispute.
i think you should close this guys
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