Diablo 2 + LOD CD-Key question


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Recently I got a hold of some D2+LOD exp cd-keys.
In case of trading them for something else, I want to know:

When creating a BNET account, will be the key associated with this account, or is it unrelevant?
So when i create a BNET account purely for testing, can another person use the key to create another account?

I hope you can help me lol.
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BNET works the same way steam does, one key for one acc ! that's all[/b]

Wrong, please don't let retarded people get in your way.

You can create a 1000 battle.net accounts, with one CD-key, doesnt matter. How ever, you need to have a CD-KEY to play on any of those accounts, and only one person can be on a CDkey at a time.

P.S, I can always use lots of d2 cd keys, lol.
Ill trade for a diablo 2 cd key and Lod?m my account just got banned by my friend,(not so friendly) and I had like 2 BOTD's SS with 40/15 full barb gear like ravenfrost verdungo's belt arreat's face... I lost it all god dangit.
But I still want to play

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