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    Update Notes - July 31st

    -The adorable Slurper is a glowing cave-dweller who is hungry for your hunger.
    -A new mechanical minion, the Clockwork Castle, has been seen stomping around Maxwell’s parts of the world.

    -Yellow and Orange gems can now be found while spelunking underground.
    -Star Caller’s staff (yellow gem) - Summon your very own tiny star for light and warmth!
    -The Lazy Forager’s amulet (orange gem) - Because bending over to pick things up is so beneath you!
    -Telelocator Focus - Use this construction to control the wild energies of your Telelocator Staff.

    -Control customization! Change your control settings from the main menu.
    -The research system has been shuffled around to separate Magic and Science; build the new Prestihatitator to access the Magic side of research.
    -Splumonkeys will now pick up (and wear!) hats. Who doesn't love a monkey in a hat?


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