Enable copy&paste, show password options


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You can copy&paste passwords into the steam-login window with a very simple hack. Browse to Steam/Public and open SteamLoginDialog.res with notepad or wordpad. Goto "PasswordEdit" and change between { and } "textHidden" "1" to "textHidden" "0" to show the password. Then add or change "tabPosition" "0" to "tabPosition" "1" and you will be able to copy&paste passwords!
I plan on making a little app for these, along with adding it to PNST RC1. If you have any more feel free to post or PM me them.
There is a really easy way to remove the transparency effect from any steam skin.

Heres How:

  1. Close Steam
  2. Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\skins
  3. Go on the skin's folder that you want to remove the transparency from
  4. Open the folder Resource
  5. Open the file steamscheme.res with notepad
  6. Find the following line:
    Frame.TransitionEffectTime			"0.25"
  7. Change the 0.25 to 0
  8. Save the file and exit notepad
  9. Start Steam again and now there isn't any more transparency effect!

Hope this helped! :)
ok when I change the tabposition and texthidden, nothing happens. Could somebody please help me? Thank you.

are you sure that you edited the right file (there are many different skins) and that you have administrative permissions to save? In vista, since it is located in /Program Files/ you can't save anything there without administrative permissions.l