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    Stardock Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of the 0.80 BETA for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes today. This new update includes two new sovereigns, two new empires, updated traits, gameplay mechanics, bug fixes and more.


    Added Kulan of Umber as a starting sovereign.​

    Added General Carrodus of Capitar as a starting sovereign.​

    Added a new empire champion, Corinne the Archivist (a ghost champion)​

    Added a new kingdom champion, Pellion the Bright (a lightbringer champion)​

    Added a new construct, the Armored Sentinel, an animated suit of armor with immunity to poison, crits and swarm and the archign Shield Bash ability​

    Added Battle Cry as a new Commander trait​

    Removed Encumbrance. Instead we have chain mail proficiency and plate mail proficiency that enables the use of those armor types. Defenders get chain mail for free and plate mail early on. Warriors get chain early and plate in the middle of their trait tree. Assassins get chain mail in the middle of their trait tree.​

    Redid the Defender trait tree​

    Defenders get to use Chain mail armor for free
    Defender I trait increased from +5 to +10 defense when defending
    Defender II trait increased from +10 to +15 defense when defending
    Removed the Defender III trait
    Endurance trait gives +10 hit points instead of +1 per level
    Added the Endurance 2 defender trait (it gives +15 hit points)
    Converted the general Graceful trait to the defender Stand Firm trait
    Removed the Guardian III trait
    Added the Arching Shield Bash defender trait (shield bash 3 adjacent units)
    Added the First Aid defender trait (heals an ally within 1 tile)
    Added the Hold the Line defender trait (sets all allies defending and gives them bonus Dodge until their next action)
    Added the Invincible defender trait (caster becomes immune to physical damage until its next action)
    Removed the Spell Resistance III trait
    Added the Summon Sentinel trait (summons an Armored Sentinel into tactical combat and boosts the defense of all surrounding allies
    Added the Eternal Guard defender trait (+5 levels for summoned sentinels)
    Added the Ironskin defender trait (+3 defense)
    Added Plate Mail Proficiency, it enables the use of plate mail armor ​


    Fixed an issue that was keeping new champions from spawning with their special consumable gear (potions and scrolls)​

    Fixed an issue causing the hit chance for dodgeable special abilities to be incorrect​

    Fixed an issue keeping the Pariden spellbooks form showing up in on the choose sovereign window and in the tech tree​

    Fixed an issue keeping Krax’s Ice Spear and Lightning Pike form showing up in the choose sovereign window and tech tree​

    Fixed the provides tages on the Berserkers Axe and Berserkers Broadsword​

    Fixed an issue where the AI can ask for peace even if you aren't at war​

    Fixed an issue with the Tremor spell not removing Dodge correctly (fix by Parrottmath)​

    Fixed an issue that could allow a troll Shaman to kill himself by casting Barbs​

    Fixed an issue with the tactical spell Command, where depending on when it was cast, it could cause the target unit to always go next, over and over and over​

    Fixed crashes​


    Remade all the level 7 Empire champions​

    Remade all the level 7 Kingdom champions​

    Remade all the level 9 Empire champions​

    Remade all the level 9 Kingdom champions​

    You now have visibility for 1 tile outside of your borders​

    Lethal 1 increased from +1 attack to +2 attack​

    Lethal 2 increased from +2 attack to +3 attack​

    Lethal 3 increased from +3 attack to +4 attack​

    Warrior Muscle trait also gives +1 attack now​

    Increased the default players on the Huge map from 8 to 10​

    Administrator III trait lowers the unrest in all cities by 10% (instead of just the city the champion is in)​

    Increased the CityCountUnrestPenalty from 2 to 3​

    Reap II increases the damage form damaging an opponent from 1 to 3 and Reap III increases it from 3 to 6​

    Enchanted Backpack gives an init bonus​

    Golden Belt gives 25% Splash damage​

    Strength and Muscle traits give bonus attack​

    A full suit of Chain Mail gives -3 init​

    A full suit of Plate mail gives -6 init​

    Warriors get an Endurance trait that increases their hit points​

    Spell Leech has a 5 turn cooldown to fix an infinite mana exploit​

    Broke magic staves in Fire and Cold staff categories for unit design​

    Eye of Abeix trophy increased to +50% growth and +5 init for defending units​

    Head of Amhah trophy increased to +50% growth and -50% unrest​

    Heart of Delin trophy increased to +50% growth, defending units are immune to fire and trained units get fire resistance​

    Heart of Morian trophy increased to +50 growth and +50% hit points for trained units​

    Horn of Sarog trophy increased to +50% growth and +1 fame per season​

    Head of Torax trophy increased to +50% growth and +3 attack and defense for defending units​

    Fist of Vetrar trophy increased to +50% growth, defending units are immune to cold and trained units start with Cold resistance​

    Storehouse increased from +40 food per grain to +50​

    Rusty Armor gets increased defense but becomes rarer​

    Aegis Robe Defense increased form 5 to 6 and it gains +5 Dodge​

    Increased the CombatRatingToExpMultiplier from .05 to .06 (ie: increased the amount of xp gained from combat)​


    AI smarter in relations​

    AI smarter about when to ask for peace​

    Monster AI tweaks​


    New waterfalls from Parrottmath​

    In tactical combat the button for the spell or ability you are using remains highlighted​

    Fixed the Spearman Expert and Master icons (they were reversed)​

    Even better water​

    New selection tiles in tactical​

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