FreeSteam Compilation Album Zero

FreeSteam Compilation Album Zero
Here is the first ever FreeSteam Compilation Album Zero created by the members, and compiled by myself w33tab1x. I mainly wanted to put a album together for the community to play while surfing FreeSteam or playing counter-strike or some other game.

There is no real order in what the playlist was listed in the album was sort of a random thing. on the postive side our first album has been released :D please give me comments back on this good or bad, and please state if you would like to see more mixd albums like this in the future.

Thanks w33tab1x.
1. The Raconteurs - Steady, As She Goes (3:35)
2. Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia (9:09)
3. Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away (3:25)
4. Pendulum - Slam (5:45)
5. Baby Boy Da Prince - The Way I Live (Feat. Lil' Boosie) (5:25)
6. Metallica - One (7:26)
7. Breaking Benjamin - Firefly (3:08)
8. Lamb of God - Descending (3:35)
9. SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Toxicity - Chop suey (3:33)
10. Rammstein - Stirb nicht vor mir // Don't Die Before I Do Feat. Sharleen Spiteri (4:05)
11. Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar (6:20)
12. All That Remains - The Air That I Breathe (3:35)
13. All That Remains - Empty Inside (3:23)
14. Pendulum - Hold Your Colour (5:29)
15. SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Toxicity - Toxicity (3:41)
16. T-Pain - Get Low (3:54)
17. Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (3:31)
18. Valve - Still Alive (2:56)
19. The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl (1:50)
20. Killswitch Engage - My Last Serenade (4:17)

Contributors - Thank these for picking great tracks

Size: 145mb
Rar'd: Yes (Winrar)
Awsome: Hell Yeh!

That's awesome stuff :) Many thanks to you (w33t) and everyone that contributed. I reckon however one of us (I could do it if you want) should design a "Freesteam CD-cover" logo that would be attached to each of the songs so it really is a "Freesteam Album", sound good? :D
Yeah, I helped Echo419 put together a new one. ^^ Here's the album art that I made:

Its going to be an awesome one ^^
Hey I'm new around here, and I was wondering.

What if I made some music for an album? I make Psychedelic Electronica, not like "unce unce unce" rave music or anything. I make the good stuff. :D
I'm scared to reply, I might get infracted for bumping a 20 month old thread.... Good music though, YOU NEED TTF&TF... and uh, Raining Blood maybe? xD METALLICA (ONE) ALL THE WAY!

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