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Get Legal steam gifts sent to you!

Discussion in 'Money Making!' started by Trigger-happy, December 24, 2008.

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  1. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member


    Complete surveys and get points to spend them on steam games! Join gameslagoon they will send you a steam game gift just by completing surveys! You can get other games that do not have to be related to steam, you can also get enough points for rapidshare accounts, wii points, xbox live, world of warcraft and many more! and you don't even need a bank account! (yes little nooblets that are underage for a bank account can join too)

    So join now and get your "FREE" “LEGAL” steam games now by completing surveys and register today it’s FREE!



    Sign up for Gaminglagoon.com - Receive Free xBox, Free Wii Points, Free Runescape, and More!







  2. catdog

    catdog FS Member

    this is garbage, just like any other 'get free stuff' websites. Surveys take forever to complete(and most of them ask you to enter your cc info) and to get like $10 game, you have to get like 1000 points or something, not worth a try. so, this is BS and don't even try it.
  3. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    Thank you for not posting a referral link. Good luck with this.

    Catdog a new site we will eventually start up wont be the same as this.
  4. Binary

    Binary Member

    I'm definitely looking forward to it, keep me informed.
  5. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    it does not take forever to gain points, trust me it like rewards1 but much more faster.
  6. catdog

    catdog FS Member

    speaking of rewards1, I've tried it once. And that's exactly what it takes to get anything there. Surverys that forever to complete, most of them are <1 points, and to get at least one item, you need like 100 points. And even after completing those, you not always get the points at all( you have to wait a lot), so that is BS. But again, they're suppose get something in reward($), if you want them to send you something for free(not exactly free, they get paid from all the companies that you do the surveys from)
  7. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    catdog, if you have any web experience or contacts, help me start up my site :)
  8. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    well they have the rule 1 point = 1 usd, 1 point can be earned within a few minitues but it takes sometime until the survey verified, so that why you do many possible surveys as you can and at the end of the week trust me you would get a lot points.

    added proof to first post.

    added again more proof!
  9. Giangiotto

    Giangiotto New Member

    Wait, What's the connection between this and Steam? Can you show me?
  10. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    you show them what game you want by sending them the link and they send you a steam gift to your account. you just got to accept the steam gift.
  11. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    so did this work or what?
  12. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    yea it did.

    don't forget you can do daily offers that will be validated on the day you do it so you can get points quicker.

    added more proof, i have ordered counter-strike source.

    getting orange box soon! along with left4dead!

    added tip.
  13. hey man are you good at getin ref or points in r1
  14. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

  15. SEB43

    SEB43 FS Member

    hey give me d link to the site plz
  16. mitobr

    mitobr New Member

    this site really gift u the game?? or u get only a print and post it?
  17. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    lol they send u a gift via steam so u will just get a message saying u received a game and u can play it for ever.
  18. Jake

    Jake Full Member

    There is a link on his webURL lol....
  19. runeguy574

    runeguy574 FS Member

    how do they know your account name though? so they can send the gift?
  20. Zippo205

    Zippo205 New Member

    you obviously have to tell them
  21. skeli

    skeli FS Member

    Hmm, this sounds quite interesting, but do forgive me as I'm a tad skeptical, as most of these survey sites are a ploy. I hate to sound like this, but those pictures you posted don't really suffice as enough evidence. Perhaps a video of the process would be better if you could. If not, that is fine, but it would definitely loosen some tension on the matter.
  22. dannybooyy

    dannybooyy FS Member

    nice but i think i need somme help. how to compleat offer?
  23. skeli

    skeli FS Member

    Thank you good sir, I shall heed your warning. That thanking option here is quite nice.
  24. rickyman48

    rickyman48 FS Member

    nobody gives free shit if u want free shit there's always torrents and emulators:p its hard to find a non fake free site
  25. skeli

    skeli FS Member

  26. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    It's not a scam you nubs! you complete questionnaires and fill out surveys! if you say u did them all and you got no points then you must configure your web browser to allow cookies, fucking hell if you have problems with gaming lagoon post at the gaming lagoon forums. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT A SCAM!! gaming lagoon get paid loads of money just for hosting other companies surveys. Obviously nothing is for free so that's why you fill out surveys. some of you are really thick some times.
  27. rickyman48

    rickyman48 FS Member

    bullshit explane all of the bills i got from gameinglagoon?
  28. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

  29. rickyman48

    rickyman48 FS Member

    ya peaces of paper asking form money each month
  30. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    from who???? gaming lagoon?? they don't send me anything except my prizes.
  31. xRetry

    xRetry New Member

    what happen if i got points?
    example if i got 20 points can i get CS:S?
    and how can they send it to me?
  32. oijustoi

    oijustoi New Member


    Is this USA only or internetional?

    Nice job finding this.
  33. Echo419

    Echo419 FS Owner

  34. oijustoi

    oijustoi New Member

    yYeah!Then i will spent some time on this.
  35. xRetry

    xRetry New Member

    how can you verify your account? when i try to verify account they call me and i don't know what to do
  36. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    yh they call you, then they say the number, after that you must type that number into the website which is given on the instructions when u verify your account
  37. 45but45

    45but45 New Member

    Thats why i love torrents!!
    And YES, this is scam. No one gives free stuff away, if someone woud do that, there company woud go down in less than a week!!
    And the title doesn't fitts to the "Results".

    P.S: It's just a scam people, don't let they fool you!!
  38. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    a scam?? how?? prove it??? you complete surveys gaminglagoon gets money and you get paid points which you can swap for prizes???
  39. Xyros

    Xyros New Member

    This is no scam, I had tried this before.
    But on another site just like this, I earned $20 worth of NX Cash on Maplestory.
    And a $50 Habbo prepaid card.

    I'm not quite sure if Gaming Lagoon is the same as the one I used to go on.
  40. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    it's the same, you do surveys and you get points.
  41. nateleroux

    nateleroux FS Member

    Yay! Thanks.
  42. that1h4k0r

    that1h4k0r New Member

    hey i tried this, its kinda hard even to get a few points
  43. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    yes, did u configure your browser to accept all cookies?
  44. TinySponge

    TinySponge FS Member

    yays i come under "nooblet"
  45. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

  46. 0n_Steam

    0n_Steam FS Member

    Mmmmhhh.......I am a little skeptical about this, but I will try it out soon(ish) lol. I am going to check my phone bill though.
  47. TinySponge

    TinySponge FS Member

    hey trigger-happy... gaminglagoon does not work for me cos in my country (singapore) all ISPs are required to have a proxy. So im stuck with a proxy. Do you know of a website which...

    - Can use proxy with
    - Non-scam
    - Reasonable paying

    I tried the other lagoons as well but they all give the same problem, :( unless someone can pm me an Elite US Proxy? cos all i want is games sent to me virtually via steam so i can fake any physical address i want. :D thanks!!
  48. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    sry for double post.
  49. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

  50. victoryshot

    victoryshot FS Member

    well thanks for tryin to get free games
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