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Discussion in 'Steam Discussion' started by nekkron, July 22, 2008.

  1. nekkron

    nekkron New Member

    First forgive me, i'm doing as much reading as I can atm. I use a steam account with several games that i've purchased, inc. Garry's Mod 10, CS:S, HL2:DM, HL2:LC and TF2 . I want to get DoD:S, Portal, HL2, HL2:Ep1 and HL2:Ep2 working with Gmod, since I already own the Orange Box on both XBox360 and PS3 I don't want to re-purchase the games on PC just for use with Gmod.

    With the free DoD:S weekend a few weeks back I started the download of the game but didn't finish (although I did recieve the GCF), also I have a downloaded version of Half-Life 2 and Portal on disc (which works but not with Gmod - because they are cracked versions). After a bit of reading I found a thread which tells me what GCF's I need for what games and believe I correctly listed the ones I need;

    Sound Source.gcf
    Source Models.gcf
    Source Materials.gcf
    Source Engine.gcf
    Base Source Engine 2.gcf
    Source 2007 Shared Sounds.gcf
    Source 2007 Shared Models.gcf
    Source 2007 Shared Materials.gcf
    Source Binaries.gcf
    Episode 1 Shared.gcf
    Half-Life 2 Game Dialogue.gcf
    Half-Life 2 Content.gcf
    Day of Defeat Source.gcf
    Half-Life 2 Episode One.gcf
    Half-Life 2 Episode Two.gcf
    Portal Content.gcf
    Portal English.gcf

    The only ones I don't currently have in the list are Episode 1 Shared.gcf, Half-Life 2 Episode One.gcf and Half-Life 2 Episode Two.gcf. While it's easy enough to get the GCF's, i'm wondering because I already have the required Half-Life 2 [exc. Ep1 and Ep2], Portal and DoD:S files and they are in my C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps folder why Gmod won't let me use in-game?

    The best reason I can think of is because I haven't run Half-Life 2, Portal or DoD:S through Steam, even though they are installed and work.

    Can anyone help me out with what I need to do. I don't honestly know if cracked game+legit gmod works or only cracked game+cracked gmod work together. If it can, how do I make it work?
  2. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    You have to run the games for the content to work, that is something specifically said in Garry's Mod. You may want to run all the games at least once to make sure your content and cache is up to date.
  3. nekkron

    nekkron New Member

    Thanks thats what I thought, how does it work with a downloaded game though, since i'm using legit steam and some of the games I want to have gmod use are downloaded they don't go through steam, so even if I have played the game gmod doesn't let me use them.

    Is it possible to operate two seperate steam installations? Say I want to keep one for legit, I can then copy all my updates for games into the cracked steam and then can use the downloaded games properly. Or is it only possible to use legit gmod with legit games?

    Sorry i'm trying to keep this simple, I don't know how the cracked steam works if it still lets me play my legit games on a cracked steam without a ban, which is why I'm asking if two different installations will work.
  4. nekkron

    nekkron New Member


    Still waiting to find out how I can use legit gmod with downloaded games if possible and if I can run both legit steam+cracked steam clients on the same computer.
  5. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    You just play the game as long as the other ones are decrypted.

    And yes you can use cracked and legit on same PC, just don't use your legit account on cracked.
  6. TT_Junior

    TT_Junior FS Member

    i'm gona download this

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