Hi guys

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Hi guys found info about this website through rin.ru...

This website seems to be very good and a lot of people are waiting for it to happen I mean VAC2 hack or bypassing steam busy servers...

anyway nice to meet you guys..

and I still dont get it what is this website about??? is everyone just waiting for a modern release to come??


Happy New Year
Welcome to FreeSteam, i hope you meet some exciting new people and enjoy your stay here with us.

FreeSteam is what it says, we provide diffrent ways of gaining steam games for free, and providing helpful programs for you to use with steam or other steam stuff.

We also provide diffrent downloads and resources that could possibly be helpful to you or others.

Enjoy w33tab1x.
yh I've seen it just now when i've checked all the forums ... looks very nice and helpful..

Thanks a lot guys...
If you have nvidia it's a nice forum ;)

This forum is optimized for nvidia they way it's meant to be viewed
Thanks what's with that lawl ?:DD lol

what he means by "optimized for nvidia"??? hardware or what? lol

Its a joke, means only nvidia card users allowed here. but dont take it to heart :p, hope your enjoying your stay at the freesteam community.
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