How to download & Play Demo games in PS3

Discussion in 'PlayStation' started by sanara34, February 26, 2010.

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    I'm sure our PS3 and KO game enthusiastics will provide you with detailed help but for now I'll share a solution I came across online:

    Follow these simple instructions:

    1- Turn on your Playstation 3 console.

    2- Scroll right to the Network menu and choose "PLAYSTATION Store."

    3- Using the left joystick to move the cursor, click on "Games."

    4- Click on "Game Demos."

    5- Click on the left and right arrows until you see a game you would like to download. Click on that game's icon with the cursor.

    6- Click "Download." The demo will begin to download. Click "Perform in Background" to continue browsing, or to leave the PlayStation Store.

    7- Repeat Steps 5 and 6 if there are other demos you wish to download. You can download more than one thing at once, and you can manage your downloads in "Download Management" in the Network Menu.

    8- When a game is finished downloading, you can install it by clicking on the game icon in the Game section of the Main Menu.

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