How to get a free premium account


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follow these instructions to make your account premium free, it's a bug in the code used and should work on any site using this script.

1) Register at - Fast file hosting
2) Await password and login
3) Click "premium zone" link and make sure you're logged in (the top right should have your name, not "existing users")
4) click this link

That's it, you should have premium! Don't click it more than once or it alerts the admin. Enjoy!

Tell Me If It's Not Working!:D:D

Proof of it working:D:D:D
I have also never heard of this but i guess its free, i will give it a go. I will do anything to get as far away from rapidshare as possible!!!

EDIT: Wow it actualy worked, nice work man, but its only a one month subscription :(