Learn C++ in 21 days


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Heres a good site if you are trying to begin coding.. this will get you started on basic things about the language.. this is not "learn complete C++ in 21 days"
No this is just beginning, every coder probably starts with a simple thing like this.

Have fun! show us some work, if you code something =]

hmm i think i'm going to take a look at it ;)
coding seems to be interesting

EDIT: awwwwww....this looks so.....well.....difficult....:rolleyes:
I use this guide, its explained really well for those who know nothing about programming and its really clear.
I guarantee you WILL NOT learn it in 21 days, thats only if you read fast as hell and understand everything the second you read it AND that you stay awake for very long periods of time.
The 21-day tutorial is just teaching you the basic things not the full language fool.

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