Need help badly!!!


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Someone please help. Something is really effed up about RapidShare. whenever I try to download something it always tells me that I need to wait a certain time period(usually above an hour). When I do wait the time, it then tells me that I have exceeded the download limit when in reality, I havent downloaded a single file from the God forsaken website. Can anyone send me a PM giving me access to a premium account or at least tell me what wrong with the site. Maybe the fact that I live in the mid east has something to do with this. Everyone I know who live in the states dont experience these kinds of problems. Please help! Thanks
are you behind a proxy or does yoru ISP use a proxy? that usually fucks people up alot by causing these kinds of problems... you could just try reseting your IP and see if the same shit happens
I have firefox I was browsing through a proxy but when I did change the option direct connection to the internet, it gave me a reasonable waiting time but the page after said that my I had an invalid account or something like that. Otherwise, it said that Im downloading a file already while Im not.