P2P Hole punching - VS6 Win32 C++


Hi guys,

Any interest in some P2P Hole punching Source code/projects in VS6 VC++?

If there is - I will post up a link for downloads of the projects/source or just a generic test Client.exe and a Server.exe.

Both client and server are CWinThread based with makes them pretty much self contained and message driven.

Main Points:
1. Win32, VS6 C++ project and source
2. UDP based communications
3. UDP Should allow P2P to +80% of users behind NATs (according to my research).
4. Requires a dedicated Win32 Server
5. Server requires a Dedicated IP or resolvable Dynamic DNS address
6. Allows multiple Peers/sessions and multiple unsolicited commands
7. Built in "Primitive" session control - TX/RX retries etc
8. Has only a few primitive commands - easily expanded
9. Reasonably robust and tested.
10. Erix920 made me do it!! ;)



You should post this on codeproject or something with
more exposure; we don't have many cpp coders here anymore.


I have decided to extend my knowledge on Qt instead despite knowing that it's going to affect me for skipping out on MFC.

If it's possible, just post the link here for us to look at once you have submitted it elsewhere.


Hi guys,

I just got an interesting response from steamCooker over at cs.rin.ru regarding Steam's use of the STUN protocol. (I originally looked for source for this and it was the usual Linux originated cr*p - 15,000 small files etc :rolleyes:)

As soon as I get some time - I'll look at converting it to something common.

BTW: I suggest you guys learn C++ with all it's pitfalls etc - then you will be able to design and code .NET a whole lot better.

From what I've seen of the WinDoze "managed" environment - they have taken most of the coding areas that required some nouse and tried to hide them.

IMO Windoze is single handedly trying to stop the world from learning about what goes on "under the covers".

Does anyone here know the difference between a "scheduler" and a "dispatcher" - or ever heard of a "return jump" - what about a linked list ?

Guys we are losing the ability to control our own PC's - we are becoming interpreter users rather than compiler users - I know - I think I'm starting to sound like CPAMX :rolleyes:

IMO .NET is not a step into the future but a step back into ignorance!

cheers - from ranting :mad:

BTW: VS6 and it "include" files expected programmers to know how to code - now look at the shit that flows from MS - they had to change the includes and libraries because their own coders wrote such crap full, of holes and fug-all testing!:eek:

P.S. The above vent was what I was saving to put into that thread I started .. http://www.freesteam.org/forums/programming-chat-support/13069-c-c-ideas-exchange.html