Please help me!! Give me a gift And read it


FS Member
Dear Freesteam members

i have did some ussefull things for freesteam like unused cd keys
please register you in this site
to gif me a sony psp for free you should register youf rom my reffer
please freesteam mebers please.:D

i gife all these people who have register it with my reffer

a unused bf2 complete edition cd key pelase freesteam members!!


PLEASE !!!!!:eek:
no lol just direct me wat to do i cant read shit lol it german
and yeah cd would be cool :p

you msut go in the link who i ahve write

and than you must choose psp i the list and click of axext agbs and then of ok in the next site you must give youda tes also reg
you bababa

or go in google and translate the website to english or russian
I wasn't, I was stating that I was being sarcastic.

And karamalz, trading KEYGEN'D bf2 keys isn't fair.