RaceRoom Racing Experience Update Released

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    Open Beta is available

    Next time you restart your Steam client, you will download this update.

    - Prepared the game for the upcoming content launches
    - Added a reverse layout to Lakeview hillclimb
    - Added support for more resolution ratios (21/9; 48/9; 48/10)
    - Improved physics of the BMW 635csi (Touring Classics class)
    - Data display now works in replays as well
    - Fixed a backend error that occured for some users when participating in competitions.
    - Fixed an issue where some machines would fail to play the intro videos correctly
    - Fixed a rare case where the game would fail to recognize the user's account
    - Fixed the bug where final gearbox ratio was incorrect when using Amateur driving model
    - Updated EGFIS localization
    - Fix for a backend error "4294967295"

    - Added a subscribe feature to the leaderboards that adds a custom widget to the user's dashboard with the selected filters
    - It is now possible to share on social feeds after editing screenshots using Pixlr™
    - Fixed a geolocation issue that would show the wrong currency for some users
    - Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer
    - Fixed some issue when adding / removing videos from a user's profile
    - Increased overall performance when browsing and scrolling
    - Various other bug fixing and improvements

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