Ray4 Forum-Moderator ;)

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Im a Pro?
Hello @ all,
Well here I want to apply for a Forum Moderator/Administrator :=).

Main Alias: Ray
Age: 17
Position Applying for: Forum Moderator/Administrator
Experience: Moderator on a big other Forum ( if you want the forum PM me for more informations ). And got some other forum experiences ages ago.
Reason for wanting your requested position: I help ppl a much and can also help German ppl if they got also Problems ;).
I agree to the EULA [Put Yes/No]: Why not? --> Yes I agree
doesn't qft = quoted for truth? and im pretty sure if you gotta bump your thread that many times then its a no...
Wouldnt bump it so much. Just 1 bump but I pressed reload, while it was posting. SO double psot.
Sorry bro, at the moment, we do not need a mod. We will soon.
Okay, so I will apply then again for a mod/admin ;). Have a nice day and close this thread then pls ;)
so I will apply then again for a mod/admin .

tarantino, can you just spam? it is really sad! :(. I talked to WWIII and he said, I can apply again in a month... So please close this!
Not open for further replies.