[REL] MiniSteam v1.4.5


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[]MINISTEAM 1.4.5[]
CSS update only : 14/07/2007 - Posted by :Datrix.

Download > :CSS.rar
Delete the old css directory in MinifilesFixes and extract the new css folder in its place.
- CS:S Standalone Credits: EDDY-K -
Ministeam 1.4

Content Updates ordered by release date
http://sharebee.com/38e66ae0 - Finally adds all officially released games and tools to ministeam. 175 in total (if used with all previous content updates)

Full Package with MiniSteam 1.4.2 and all content updates

Ministeam 1.4.5 update
This fixes the font problems problems
SOME users were having with 1.4.2
What are content updates?
content updates let ministeam support newer games if they are released on steam before a full ministeam update. They are included automatically in any ministeam CODE update so dont worry if you miss downloading one and it disappears. ;) It'll be included already in your full package.

- Mini Steam Version v1.4.5 -
Launcher Code and Design = Rix/Trixstar
Game Images/Config/Beta testing = Baine/N008
Sourcemods Image = Vasuki

- We're not worthy! We're not worthy! -

Uses and is built on Steam Emu by hCupa
Uses setti master server
If we missed anyone please shoutout (quietly ;) )

- We're not worthy! We're not worthy! -

Mini steam is a content launcher for steam games.

+ lightweight steam styled interface enhanced from FSAuto base code.
+ currently supports nearly all ncf games. (Some require req fixes)
+ currently supports nearly all gcf games.
+ Fully offline GCF extraction plays your GCF games seamlessly.
+ Can switch user on-the-fly. no restart is needed.
+ Has menu options to ease new game installations for first timers.(req files.etc.)
+ Can Patch any game it can execute and restore all files on game exit. Its completly effortless.
+ Uses generic patching engine so its easy for experienced users to correct problems caused by steam.
+ Entire content listing is kept in external files for unlimited future product support.
+ Supports sourcemods

Please note: hl1 mods are not supported in this release. and prolly never will be.

About the fixpacks:
+ All Hl2 online games are playable on cracked servers (css) also fixes Gmod 10 error.
+ Episode 1 is playable (ep1)

Installation instructions.
If you have used ministeam before:
Delete your existing copy of ministeam.exe and delete the minifiles folder in your
steam directory. It contains unneeded files. All required files are supplied in the new archive.
Open the archive and extract the Minifiles folder and Ministeam.exe to your steam folder.
Run Ministeam.exe

Mini steam has three view modes:

1. Ready to play.
2. Installed. Not extracted.
3. All supported games.

You can toggle between mode 1 and 2 by pressing the small circle button
in the bottom left corner.You can also select these modes from the right click menu.
If you have no games installed you can use mode 3 to see all support games.
Everything else is very simple have fun.

Always virus scan ANY fixpack you download.
Fixpacks contain executable data and may harm your pc if you are
not security consious. These can include viri,trojans and keyloggers.
This goes for ANY peice of software you dl not just fixpacks.
Its YOUR responsability to ensure your pc is safe! Not ours.
You have been warned.

How can i help?
Make fixpacks and get the games working.

Technical notes.
This app doesnt use the steamemu function for actually starting the application.
It uses shellexecute instead since the steamemu function would 'repair' the
fixpacks and they are currently required. In short fixpacks are prefered to this feature atm. dont request it.

Nice release man, I was there for your Ministeam v1.4 [REL] & This one is much better and improved !!

Keep up the great work man ;)

RegardzZz Anarchy
I downloaded Full Package with MiniSteam 1.4.2 and all content updates and it runs ^^

But I got a little probleme. It'll show me which games I got installed.
but it won't show me the play button and the other stuff which is located in the bar below.

I uploaded a pic of my problem.


I hope anybody can help me
Yeah first try opening your C:\windows\fonts directory and pressing f5 a few times.

If that doesnt fix it then use the very latest code version 1.4.5 and that should. It doesnt use custom fonts in 1.4.5 and thats whats causing your error.
One ot the best content launchers ever made :)


Myself and baine will be putting the finishing touches on Ministeam 1.5 soon.
Hopefully it will be the last version before work begins proper on ministeam 2. tbh the only reason i want to do an update on it codewise after that is to fix any outstanding bugs. then we can call it final and move on to pastures greener. :D

Heres a peek at what it looks like atm. Im holding some stuff back... I need something to suprise you right? :p

I got the hack working;.
But theres no launch button or anything.
I dont have any custom fonts.
just normal ones.
can anyone help me?
[quote="Suicide Man 2oo7, post: 3008"]I got a problem launching Counter Strike Source. If I start it I get engine error saying: 

yes ^^ the new engine update defeated the crack :D

we need a new engine crack

Yup spot on. To my shame ive been a little busy with other projects so i didnt even notice this till two days ago.. It makes me angry. Angry enough to add a special function to effectivly freeze certain (pointless) updates on certain gcfs? Maybe... I think FSAuto2s new Gcf revertion/update code may be called into service a little earlier than planned.....

Yes, surprise me with a working GCF downloader for Lost Planet.
Lol in your dreams..... You first! :D

hey I got the hack working;.
But theres no launch button or anything.I dont have any custom fonts.
just normal ones.can anyone help me?

Ministeam 1.4.5 update
This should fix the problems some users were experiencing
with font installation. Use of custom fonts has been suspended
in the program until the issues can be worked out.
Guys our content handler (baine) is taking a little break so the truth is i dont know if sam and max is supported but i know that race the wtcc is...
i need help, i got everything ready and when i get in ministeam and i try to click on a game and play in the bottom left corner it says FILES NOT FOUND and i cant play any games!! HELP!
When I run Gmod 10 it starts fine, but when I try to load a map, it gets about halfway, then crashes (kinda) with this error:

Is there a file or config file I have to delete/modify?
@ lazy dude who's name i cant remember... drop em in your steamapps folder.

@ everyone else.
It occours to me that we need someone purely to maintain the fixpacks... its not a small job.

Im sick of fucking around with dlls when i should be coding..
We will fix it. They will break it. We will fix it. They will break it. and so on...
All this takes away from my development time on ministeam2.

The only way i can see to break this cycle is with either frequent updates to the fixpacks( and ive not got the time folks. :( ) or to support standalones.
ministeam2 (in development) supports standalones and content downloads from 3rd party sites...... Work it out. :p ;)

In ministeam 2 fixpacks are still suppported BUT you have to create them for yourselves.... why?
Well imo, Its completly pointless trying to play some games directly from the GCF when better alternatives already exist. DZ's CS:S standalone for example.

I think we're just making work for ourselves and anytime the time we spend on it is taken DIRECTLY from any future development and/or bugfixes on the actual program. Hope you understand. :)

also some of you may have noticed that i havent been as erm.. responsive as I normally am. well Im hella busy working on ms2 atm so Im not slacking. promise. ;) When ms2 is released you will start to see why im so reluctant to go back and fix what are to me integral bugs in the design of ministeam... trust me :)
Rix, if you need me to help, I definitely will :). Tell me what to do, I usually have 6 hours of free time a day so let me do it!
What's a fix pack include btw?
haha they never learn.
Or rather they do, then they send there mates to ask :D

NO VAC2 - Not now - not ever. Spend $20.
Its worth it just to stop yourself from being
head-shotted every 2 secconds....
I have a problem..
I have a garry's mod 10 GCF but not work...why? I have install and playing Half Life 2 and Counter Strike...
Really nice work, I'm experiencing a slight issue though.
How do I launch a game? It seems to reject launching the game.
Let me ask a question; I will try to phrase it as non-idiotic as I possibly can, although keep in mind I am completely new to this and would love for someone to help. Here I go:

I downloaded Garry's Mod(GCF file). I created a folder called "Steamapps" to be safe, and I dropped the GCF into said folder. I set Mini-Steam so it would load games from that folder. Now, when I look at my games list, Garry's Mod shows as "Not Installed". I even renamed the GCF to Garry's Mod in hopes that it would load. No luck. How would I go about installing it?
Alright, for some reason, Half-Life 2 won't launch properly. The first thing I did was download the latest Steam client, download the HL2 demo (which preloads HL2 - or so I thought) and used MiniSteam to extract/launch. The 'Half-Life 2' game shows up on MiniSteam, but I get this error right after the intro sequence.


Could anyone possibly know what this is? If it's a MiniSteam compatibility problem, or if it's because the HL2 demo doesn't completely preload HL2.

TIA, Best Regards