[REL] Stand-Alone Creator Express 2


Stand-Alone Creator Express 2


Stand-Alone Creator Express 2 is a program that allows you to make your own Non-Steam Games
The prog is very meant to be usefull to those people that need a Stand-Alone quite fast.

* This is the fastest way to create a no-steam game !
* Within 1 minute are you done with a HL1 game !
* Within 4 minutes are you done with a Source game !
* Right-click menu
* Bots for cs & dod can be chosen optionally
* More information about a game through the right-click menu
* Only gcf files are necessary
* Very easy to handle
* Doesnt need an internet connection
* No steam needed


hCUPa - Steamemu
Nemesis - HLExtract
Setti Crew - MasterServers
RessourectoR - Icon
N008 - Support

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/39311361/SAC_Express_2.rar

Have Fun ;)
this is a very useful tool, i have standalones of all the popcap games, HL2 + episode one, and alot more

<3 this program lol i make them stand alone then put them on my ipod and play them at school lol

don't works, i have this message : unable to load \bin\filesystem.steam.dll

the file is in bin but it size is 0k

i try to put the same file of my steam account but don't works too :(
add -steam -console -game <game folder name> as start parameters of hl2.exe and you'll have it
How? The .exe that launches it isn't hl2.exe. And, how do I change the start perimeters of a .exe without using a shortcut?
Can't get GMOD10 to load.

I ripped CS Source just fine, but nothing happens when I click on Garrys Mod.exe.

maybe a vista issue? doesnt work in XP compatibility mode either.

I'll try re-ripping...

edit: didn't work... any ideas?
I get runtime error "53" when i click garrys mod.exe :S

I have installed VB file pack by Ressurector.
Classy little app.
But eddy, dude, you've gotta stop painting some area of your skin fix fixed colors and the drawing on them with system pen colors...

Black on Black is not terribly readable,..: (
Also same issue with the gcf link grabber.

EDIT: BUT THE RIP OF CSS. NICE! Seriously nice.
Gcf's left unextracted for easy updates... nice.
Thats how i would have done it.
I can't Create a S.A.C of HL2-EP1.
It always just crashed before its open :/

Any Idea's ?



And when I Create a S.A.C. of HL2, it works and I can play it :(
didnt work for me, i rip CSS and open it but when i create a server i have the hl2 hud (life 100 like hl2) and i type in console impulse 101 and i get the hl2 weapons in a CSS map(cs_office). any idea? (YES im shure i select CSS to rip in the CE2 menu)
There is a post somewhere on the forum which has all teh game files, so you can download them without steam

First Im sorry that I might annoy you with this Newbie-Question, but I dont know how to use this programm. :confused:

1.) I start it,

2.) Then I go to settings and set the steamapps folder to "C:\Programme\Steam\steamapps\",

3.) I go back to "Menu" and scroll down to "Day of Defeat Source" and klick on "Create Stand-Alone" ,

4.) A window pops up, in which I set the Day of Defeat Source folder to "C:\Programme\Steam\steamapps\<my username>\day of defeat source",

5.) I click "OK".

After 30-60 seconds it say that the Stand-Alone has been created, but if I click on the icons, it say "Runtime Error °53° + File not found"

Please help me ! :(