Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

NOTE: if you use McAfee anti-virus products, you may experience an issue where Steam continually tries to download and apply this update. If so, please temporarily disable your virus scanner and restart Steam to complete the update. We are working to find a better solution for this incompatibility in future updates.

All Platforms
- Changed top level Steam navigation to highlight both You and the Steam Community
- Added new Community Home page which shows the most popular content across all games
- Improved handling of international characters in text entry fields
- Improved web proxy detection logic
- Fixed Steam UI glitches when navigating to a new page and quickly pressing the Stop button
- Fixed an issue where Back/Forward on web pages would forget the scroll position
- Fixed issues preventing some Counter-Strike owners from joining the Counter-Strike Beta
- Fixed issues relating to converting Counter-Strike to the new content download system
- Fixed problems with the web page load indicator
- Added automatic repair capabilities for critical Steam files, no internet connection required
- Fixed cases where Steam could get stuck in offline mode and be unable to launch
- Fixed a crash that could occur when cancelling a client update or repair operation
- Removed an error message that appeared when cancelling the client update process
- Fixed a problem with re-installing Half Life 1 after uninstalling related game mods
- Fixed an issue that prevented users from claiming games bundled with special hardware promotions

- Added an error message when unable to launch due to an inaccessible folder name
- Fixed downloading video driver updates
- Improved reliability of client updates when interrupted by system reboot or power loss

- Fixed an issue where Steam was briefly unresponsive while uploading error reports
- Fixed Big Picture Mode window losing focus after a game quits
- Suppressed the new driver popup when running in Big Picture Mode
- Updated runtime with the final SDL 2.0 ABI