Towns Update Released

Version 11

Add: Citizen jobs and groups
Add: Light items
Add: Configurable FX and music volume
Add: Fishing dock and fishing set items, used for fishing
Add: Food variety bonus
Add: "Interior" roofs
Add: Possibility to set a square area for certain actions instead of a row (IE. planting wheat, building scaffolds)
Add: New customizable priorities (move_to_caravan, build_buildings and feed_animals)
Add: Toggable 3D mouse. Useful to build things on other layers than the current one
Add: New walls and, a new wooden road item, a well and a pond
Add: Ogre, werewolf, snickers, fire head and ghoul isometric graphics
Add: New living, the Snoat! (Snow goat). It replaces the old reindeers and does
Add: Flat blocks for the wheat and all the roofs
Add: Chance to idle livings to move more than 1 cell
Add: Animated living entities even when they do not move (birds, brownie bar rider, ghosts and fire head)
Add: Enemies stats when you right click on them
Add: New damage types and resistances to weapons, armors and monsters
Change: Spanish names for the armor sets
Change: Almost all the effects but the direct ones will not notify with a message when a living receives it
Change: Military items are not displayed on the livings panel if the living have the graphic change effect (IE. Citizen turned to a pig)
Change: Townies will stop the "Move to caravan" and the "Autoequip" tasks to eat if necessary
Change: Big sieges will not stuck the citizens when search a path
Change: Menu item "Delete" by "Delete scaffolds"
Change: Dynamic pile/container configuration panel
Change: Items and livings now are shadowed if they stand in a dark cell
Change: Reduced drop percentage to heads and bones
Change: Green block and green road now needs green color instead of yellow flowers to be built
Change: Wooden block and Wooden moss block removed from the utilities type
Change: Increased the difficulty of the last dungeon
Change: Bone carver item has been removed from the bone armor prerequisites (still in the menu for save compatibility)
Change: Now you can set the maximum stock you want in the "burn items" actions
Change: Military prices increased a bit. Spider bow value reduced.
Remove: Snow birds
Fix: Empty group names no longer allowed
Fix: Mini issues/typos in the xmls
Fix: Citizens no longer will change their mining point after other citizens ends their mine tasks
Fix: Crash when a citizen decides to drop an item when he just died (over a stockpile)
Fix: Incorrect coins ammount was being displayed when loading a saved game (The issue didn't affect the real coins ammount)
Fix: Occasions when a citizen has two rooms while changing personal room owner
Fix: Tooltips in a soldier panel when the soldier list is empty
Fix: Citizens won't move locked items on certain conditions
Fix: Only 1 auto-production item was placed on the queue on some circumstances
Fix: Freeze when a wounded citizen uses a 2nd level dormitory bed
Fix: Projectiles data are loaded properly when you load a game (this avoids the "null sticks null" messages)
Fix: Equipment menus are no longer partly rendered out of the screen

Modders: New tag on the livingentities.xml. Possible values are true or false (default). Used on birds, brownie bat rider, ghosts and fire head
Modders: New tag on the items.xml. Possible values are true or false (default). Used on windows and glass walls
Modders: New tag on the items.xml. It allows a numerical value (default 0). Used on items that produce light
Modders: New , and tag on the items.xml. It allows the values FULL, HALF or NONE (default). Used on items that produce light
Modders: New tag on the actions.xml. Possible valueas are true or false (default). Used on the "burn items" actions. This way the stock number acts as a maximum
Modders: Property "COLOR" removed from the graphics.ini