Valve Reports FS To Host!

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From: [email protected] [mailto:p[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 3:08 PM
To: info@********.com; info@********.com
Subject: Copyright infringement

Dear Web Site Operator:

We write to demand that you immediately remove content on your web
site that infringes on Valve Corporation's rights in "Half-Life 2" and
all other content. As you may already be aware, Valve intellectual
property was recently taken illicitly from Valve. It has come to our
attention that some or all of this Valve intellectual property,
including binaries, source code and/or un-official screen shots or other
protected content, reside on your web site(s) including the URL's posted
below. Posting of these Valve
materials is not authorized by Valve, any of its agents, or the law.

We demand that you immediately take steps to locate and remove and/or
disable access to the Valve materials described that are on your
systems. You may otherwise be liable for copyright infringement and/or
other remedies at law if you do not act expeditiously to remove or
disable access to the material.

We look forward to your prompt cooperation. If we do not receive a
response from you within 48 hours confirming your compliance with this
request, we will be contacting your internet service provider directly
regarding this matter. Please contact me if you have any questions
regarding this notice.

Valve Software

Mike Dunkle
Because someone wrote this to our host. If you check the E-mail, it's BS.
people hate fs because fs forced Valve to update there cafe security so we cant just type in the logins anymore we have to do all sorts of stuff now lol
even if that was genuine they couldnt do shit coz theres nothing hosted here that breaks copyright law if they could take you down for that then warez forums wouldnt exist at was probs just some lame script kiddie from fkn0wned
When I first got it, I text'd Erix, "We got a big problem" then I tested the email and was like, nvm :D
hehehe they must be really pissed off bcs of that hax00red site... they will start doing that funny things...
I think its fake.. because why the hell would they contact your internet service provider?
I think they would send message in the mail and phone call, like what happend to Super Steam..
Dont forget Mike dunkle is the director of cafe operations at Valve so keep an eye on this my friends.
How to send that email?

telnet MAILSERVER 25
Subject: Subject
Here comes the text

So, now u can send fake mails...

BTW if I write somthing in < and > no one else can read it ^^
Oh, and WWIII HTML code is on... is indeed real.

It can be fake also, the best way is to test their e-mail address. If your sent mail rebounds, it means that e-mail account is fake..
daarty i dont think it is real as you would get the email from steampowered not valvesoftware
Vasuki, I wouldn't be that sure...

Steam is just the game, not the coorporation.
It has to be from valvesoftware I think, cuz that's the only true VALVE page
steam isnt a game steam is a program that lets you download and run games i have seen those emails before and it was from steampowered
lol i have the so called halflife 2 sourcecode which wandered around the web
i dont know if its the real one but i could upload it

Trace the email and check the location... easy way to tell whether it's fake or not... don't see why you didn't do this in the first place.


If it's real and you don't care about what they say, then reply with something like
Dear Valve,
In response to your recent letter, we would like to issue the following response:

Go fuck yourself.


But I highly suggest not doing that if it's real.
If this is legitimate, it seems it would pertain to the benchmarks and such that were taken from valve. (HL2 EP2)
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