ways to get Free CS servers

Discussion in 'The Chat' started by luk2100, April 3, 2008.

  1. luk2100

    luk2100 FS Member

    What is the best way to get a free CS server? i need a server really much, i dont know if dedicated is the best way, for i dont have anything 2 run my dedicated server on..

    so what can i do? a sponsor? no-one wanna give me a server :p

    are there a way:?
  2. hugz`

    hugz` New Member

    Try to get sponsored.. or win some kind of competition that gives out servers to the winners.. I can't tell you I know any.. but you got to try to search for them.
  3. luk2100

    luk2100 FS Member

    ok now i made a dedicted sere, whats the best Config for steam dedicated server?

    and where can i finde Live cups,? on what channel on mIRC ?
  4. 786Fighter

    786Fighter Full Member

    I use this site to get a free cs 1.6 or cs source or whatever games they support for free for one hour. I used to use it to play quick scrims with my friends and what not. They give you the rcon to the server too but it shuts down in 1 hour. You can only get one every 10 days but I just change my ip and it'll work. Heres the site: Test Server - Instant Setup!
  5. luk2100

    luk2100 FS Member

    thx u that was amazing :)

    i use it ;)

    but are there some good dedicated server configs too :) ?
  6. 786Fighter

    786Fighter Full Member

    Well I have my old CS 1.6 Server.cfg config file. I can upload that on here. It has all the commands you need and it explains what each command does. I attached the file to my post. Enjoy!

    Attached Files:

  7. luk2100

    luk2100 FS Member

    thx u, but the cfg is like mine, i need a good config, 4 get the ping DOWN, who joins my servers ping, is around 75 :S
  8. 786Fighter

    786Fighter Full Member

    Good config like what? That has all the configs you need so just edit them to how you like it.
  9. luk2100

    luk2100 FS Member

    the server ping is till hard :S
  10. luk2100

    luk2100 FS Member

    the server ping are still high***!!
  11. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    there is an edit button lol
  12. 786Fighter

    786Fighter Full Member

    Well since its a dedicated server then its probably your internet being slow.
  13. sarev

    sarev Circle Number Four

    if you have irc, connect to the gamesurge server, and join the channel #findserver - if you type @borrow west . . . itll borrow a west server for like an hour.. @borrow east ... @return east... youll get it
  14. tarantino

    tarantino Guest

    ways not to get hoe pregnant
  15. Copoboxx

    Copoboxx New Member

    omg amazing topic thanks it's so useful! IRC Free cs lol i used that =P

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