Windows Vista ACTIVATOR for 32bit & 64bit SP1 COMPATIBLE


Found this really really usefull crack for those who are dying to get SP1 or crack vista here you go enjoy :D:

Windows Vista ACTIVATOR for 32bit (x86) & 64bit (x64) + SP1 COMPATIBLE
Requested By ISO Here it is:

This activator lets you activate Windows Vista 32bit & 64bit.
This activator is compatible with ALL versions of Windows Vista!!
It even allows you to install the SP1-pack of Vista, and still work!!

Activator 100% WORKING!!!


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Instructions for using:

RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting
Ill bare in mind next time, im using my legit key at the moment.
Thanks for the post thou.
It's using OEM bios emulation or... nevermind, I'll download it and see.

Yeah, I ran across somethin like this before, I had Vista installed and under the System Properties I had a "dell" with hardware specs that were not even close to reality. But it ran slow so i took it off.

Win XP pro or linux is more reliable for now.:D