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    What does YASAMM do ?

    Single PC - Multiple Steam Accounts
    1. Basically it is a way of keeping track or your legit (or illegit) Steam Accounts.
    2. A PC can hold many YASAMM accounts - 1 for each of your kids ?
    3. A YASAMM account may hold many Steam Accounts - maintaining the information for each.
    4. Steam account information can be hidden from others including yourself.
    5. YASAMM can shutdown and start up Steam "cleanly".
    6. A YASAMM and the Steam accounts within it - are encrypted using the username and password.
    7. It Auto updates.
    8. It's Standalone - only uses Windows DLLs
    9. The only registry entries accessed are the Steam path and it's own databases.
    10. Once setup and after login - any Steam account can be launched or stopped with just button clicks.
    11. Steam accounts may be added, changed or deleted.

    Multiple PC's - Multiple Steam Accounts
    1. YASAMM has a built in Peer-to-Peer client for contacting your YASAMM friends.
    2. When connected to a peer, it shows a resizable "Chat window" for texting.
    3. Multiple peers may communicate with each other at the same time - configurable.
    4. The Chat window will allow you to Launch an account/game on another PC running YASAMM. (Start a game on your kid's PC without moving your lard-arse).
    5. The Chat window will also allow you to copy a Steam Account from your PC account to another PC - with the information hidden from all but a good hacker's eye.
    6. Steam account information copied by YASAMM, cannot be viewed or changed by the receiver. (Stops your kids frigging around with your account - unless one is a budding hacker ;) ).
    7. The Chat window will allow you to add a new contact to your YASAMM friends.
    (8. The Chat window will allow you to ban a contact/friend).
    9. For security, YASAMM requires both the sender and the receiver to agree on a "Pass Phrase" for encryption of Steam Account information.

    Additional P2P Communications (TCP/IP)
    1. YASAMM has an inbuilt Listen server/client for direct connection to other PC's.
    2. This uses Public/Private key encryption.
    3. It is envisaged that this may have a future use in transporting encrypted content between peers.
    4. Ban nuisance IPs/contacts.
    5. Using this will usually require knowledge of "Port Forwarding" i NOT used on a LAN.

    When does YASAMM communicate outside the installed PC

    1. Each time it starts it will check my website for updates - your choice to install the update or not.
    2. If P2P is enabled - it will try and register with the P2P server (configurable).
    3. If you use P2P to connect to a friend/contact.
    4. If you enable and use the Encrypted TCP/IP communications (configurable).
    5. If you click on the 1st Toolbar item - it goes to my website's home page.
    6. Click on the Toolbar "Help" button - it goes to my website's FAQ pages.

    What YASAMM doesn't do!
    1. It does not phish your accounts.
    2. If I spot you trying to phish with this - I'll get very grumpy.
    3. It does not yet use Uncle_D's method of a more secure game launch.

    In the future I may release the server for people who want to set up just their own P2P networks - I'll see.

    Available at Welcome to VNetCafe go to the downloads page and select vnetcafe Vn

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  3. oldfart

    oldfart Member

    Hi guys,

    For those interested - I have now ported this project to VS .NET 2005 (VC++).

    I have also fixed a few bugs with the P2P server when both a client and the server were behind the same Firewall.

    This problem only occurred on certain Modem brands - some modems would supply the modem public IP and others would return the internal gateway IP. Fark ehh :eek:

    I have also fixed a problem with finding the Steam path on Win7.

    etc etc etc ...


    P.S. I've actually got a bit of contract work .. ergo why I've been absent.
  4. oldfart

    oldfart Member

    Hi Guys,

    I've just about completed my contract work ...

    I have spoken to a mate of mine and he suggested me "paying" coders to help me with my projects when I run out of time.

    I still need a source code module that will allow me to log directly into Steam (I currently use the command line equivalent).

    VC++ able to be compiled on .NET 2005
    API: I supply username and password
    1. Need to know if valid login
    2. List of games available to account
    3. Method to launch games

    I don't have a lot of biccies - so I need an estimate on cost.

    I also have a few other projects on the go and I'm looking for "investors" and if I succedd - I'll be back!

  5. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    I don't get it? You can login fine with steam API I posted a while back.
  6. oldfart

    oldfart Member

    Hi Erix920,

    I could not get it to work with VS6 - it may have been my port from C# to VC++ or it may have been old dev DLLs - either way - I couldn't get a list of available games for the account.

    Also Steam altered how the login works to start playing legit games - I worked through that a bit with Uncle_D and now most games require Steam.exe to be running before they will launch.

    I am working on a couple of other things atm and that's why I've put this request here ..

    vNetCafe aka YASAMM - latest release is at and is running reasonably happily on .NET 2005 VC++
    I will probably be doing a new UI shortly.

    Plus I'm after some clues on how to use AJAX or have some other way of running an Interactive Multi-User Browser based game - any clues , links etc would be appreciated ..

  7. oldfart

    oldfart Member

    Hi guys,

    Major GUI and secure P2P upgrade available with a lot more features ...





    It may be of interest to some of you.

  8. xoo45

    xoo45 New Member

    is work
  9. Test_12

    Test_12 New Member

    very interesting... I'm using a cracked steam for some games, and I have a legit account. Will I get banned for using both illegal and legal account with this? If not, it will save my all entire life :D
  10. psuchris

    psuchris FS Member

    No you won't. When you choose a game from your legit account it will automatically log into it and start the game. Same with cracked Steam account. They aren't linked together in anyway other than their games show up together in YASAM.
  11. oldfart

    oldfart Member

    Hi guys,

    FWIW - YASAMM aka VNetCafe is now at with a new GUI and Wizards to help with setup.

    I have also set up a forum where you can look at and comment on the Wizards etc A Steam Front End - Steam Nanny

  12. psuchris

    psuchris FS Member

    I have a question: Will Steam chat ever be available in YASAM? I know this would defeat the whole purpose of not being logged into the account at all times but you could just have a "Chat" button available in YASAM that brings up a window and lets you choose what accounts you want to load the friends lists from and it would load all the different friends lists from the accounts but that might get complicated because you would have to log into more than one account on the computer at the same time and idk if you know how Steam does their message sending. Well this would be a cool feature let me know if it's possible.
  13. oldfart

    oldfart Member

    Hi psuchris,

    An interesting idea - YASAMM has a P2P (UDP unencrypted) chat built in, as well as an encrypted TCP/IP one.

    As to Steam - it will only allow 1 x instance of itself running on a PC.

    As YASAMM swaps between Steam accounts, each set of chatting "Steam Friends" is lost as they are associated with that particular Steam Account.

    One day :rolleyes: I hope to be able to include "voice chat".

    Now the idea of Steam chat for the running Steam account - that may be possible - thanks for the suggestion and I'll look into it!

    BTW: I have added some "Wizards" to help with setting up VNetCafe accounts. Try A Steam Front End - Steam Nanny for forums and Welcome to VNetCafe for the latest release candidate.


    The YASAM aka VNetCafe UDP friend's chat dialog. This doesn't get lost as YASAMM swaps between various Steam Accounts.

  14. oldfart

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    Beta Testers Required

    Hi guys,

    I have just released Yasamm Vn with Parental Control for legit Steam Accounts and Steam games.

    This Beta release is aimed at parents with kid's who use their parent's Steam account(s) (or any Steam account in fact).

    Parental Controll:
    1. The kids don't have access to the Steam accounts' password(s).
    2. The kid's Account may have certain Steam Games disabled (when launched they are killed).
    3. The kid's Account can be set to restrict access to Steam Accounts in hourly chunks.
    4. The kid's Account will automatically delete a Steam Account after a set expiry Date/Time.

    There are Wizards to set up multiple kids account on the local PC.
    There are Wizards to set up kid's accounts on other LAN'ed PCs.

    You can download it either at A Steam Front End - Steam Nanny or Welcome to VNetCafe - or if you have an earlier release installed by starting the program and allowing it to update.

    I would like you guys with kids and only 1 x PC to give it a whack!

    If you have kids and several PC's - please give it a try and ask in the Steam Nanny forums for any assistance as your posts there may help other testers.

  15. oldfart

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    Hi guys,

    I have released some source code for a "Steam Front End with Parental Control".

    It is meant for legit Steam accounts and I have removed most things that may be useful to scammers or phishers!

    Welcome to VNetCafe -> Downloads

  16. oldfart

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    Hi guys,

    This project has been cut back and renamed to comply with recommendations made to me by SteamĀ®.

    The unfinished website is http://www.gamenanny.org and there are 2 x links there to the forums and to the downloads.

    Echo419 has downloaded the Source/project and compiled it on VS 2010 - see below and also read the bug fix


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