My account got stolen. NEED HELP

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My account: LycanDarkY
got stolen by some giant buthole.
Saw this ALL-GAMES-HACK-BY-EMAIL on youtube. Needed to send my details to [email protected]. Now my account doesn't work. Email changed, Password changed.
Can't find my CD-key - probably my roommate took it, but still can't find it,
If you can help me to get my accnount back please do so. really need it.
You idiot. I mean seriously, did you really think that that would work?

^^^ is right. If you have the GCFs for whatever game you can make a new account and use cracked steam to play the games.
Just contact steam and told them, that your account got hijacked. And then they ask you for your cd-key and last used email. and then they reset your account,
The method stated by Ray should work, just remember not to be silly enough to hand your login details over no matter how convincing it can get.

It works 1000%. I also rest just before 4 months ago a account for a friend. You need to send them your KEY ( scanned) And then they told you, that you need to write down a number on the cd key. That you do and then after a few days, they reset your account and send a email to you.
So easy :).
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