Please read this thread,I will be indebted to you if you do.

:) Please,if you are an expert on GreenLuma,please answer this and I will be EXTREMELY grateful.;)
First of all,tell me what I've not done right.
1.I installed GreenLuma,then used Winrar to extract all files to the steam directory.
2.I then ran GreenLuma,but after waiting futilely for 3 hours,with nothing open/nothing downloading/nothing running except the goddamn Green Luma program,nothing happened.
3.I opened steam and checked all my games and tools and everything and there were absolutely no games at all.
4.I ran GreenLuma with steam open,nothing happened again,zilch,no games at all.
Please tell me what I need to do next,because I'm sure everything I've been doing is bullshit.
Merry christmas to all and happy ho lidays!
:);):);):);):);):);) :);)