This Sucks!


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Okay, I tried overclocking my PC via the jumper, and sadly enough, I was stupid enough to pull it out without realizing it was another part and I didn't even have a jumps! Now my PC won't turn on, so I'm giving my old parts that do work to my friend. Oh, and if anyone knows how, can someone tell me how I can get a new PC or parts to build one for free? Because I just can't afford a $700 PC, oh, and I'm typing this from my Wii.
You can't overclock via the jumper, that's for resetting the BIOS. If you're good with a soldering gun then you can probably put it back on the board.
Echo's right... And as far as a "Free PC" best of luck to you. Only way I can think of is cereal box competitions or subscribing to PC powerplay and entering competitions.