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    What is AVSEMU?
    AVSEMU Is a Steam.dll Emu that will let you play extracted games without Steam.

    AVSEMU Features:
    Play extracted games without Steam.
    Mount GCF/NCF files

    Copy all the files to the folder where you have the game you want to start, edit SteamApps.ini if you want to Mount Mount GCF/NCF files and then start the game.

    AVSEMU Change Log:
    Version 1.3
    Fixed crash in some games
    Half-Life 2 Lost Coast can now start
    Added support for X64 games
    Removed AVSEMU.exe and AVSEMU.ini

    Mitsukarina (Tutorials)
    .cue (Cuesteam Source code)
    shmelle (RevEmu)
    CPAMX (HookEmu Source code)
    Diviton (OpenEmu Source code)


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